Birth Date
28 / March / 1991
60 kg 106 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I dream about caring, tender and understanding person. He also should be expressive and charismatic verbally and physically. I prefer to read novels about the immortal love! It’s a bit difficult to find enough time for everything right now, but i’m doing my best to make my days full of different events, interesting people and positive emotions. my mother died in 2003.

About my family

They are the closest people for me. My father passed away 2 years ago. I work on my speciality as a speech therapist and feel genuine true satisfaction helping people. She knows for sure what she wants. Everyone has a place where we can think, dream, imagine and relax!

Domestic abilities

Сooking, washing, ironing, cleaning - I do it all. I am sure you will always feel yourself rested and happy after hard day when you are coming home because I love to create coziness and warmth in our home! I keep the healthy lifestyle and try to cook something tasty and healthy. This is so interesting and exciting for me! I usually wash dishes right away after having breakfast or dinner and I usually don't postpone this work for the next day. I adore my house to be clean and bright (of course it is not always that "funny" but I need everything to be cozy and comfortable. I have no pets, but I do love animals! I am a good house wife. I do all the work about the house by myself.

What I do in my leisure time?

I am very active person and try to live my life with pleasure and joy! I like meeting my friends and spending time with my family. I have recently started to attend yoga classes and I like doing that too. which I hope to share. Also I go in for sports regularly. I like theaters, operas, art galleries, concerts and dream once to swim with dolphins. We are like friends.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is like a sun in a deep blue sky! She is very sincere and has a big heart! This girl is always fun, cheerful, friendly, she is funny and always has a joke for any situation:) this vivacious girl is like a sun because there is always a smile on her face:) She is also quite a strong personality who strives to achieve success in everything. Tamara is a very kind, sociable and active person. Marisha is very cheerful and smiling person, positive and easy-going like a child. Write her and maybe she will become your destiny

How would I describe myself

I am proudly restrained but passionate. I am also a very romantic woman. Like to be active, positive and open. I am very cheerful and my beloved person will be surrounded by my good mood and we will be happy. I am a funny and smart blond with ambitious character) I want to learn Italian, English, German, and Spanish languages. I like animals and children because I think that they cannot lie. I hope to meet a man who will share the same dreams. My house is a place I like to keep neat and warm, it lacks only man’s presence.

My typical day

After the lessons I go to the gym. If it is summer time I try to wake up with a sunrise and do my jogging, but in winter, I wake up when it is dark and cold, so I prefer to stay longer in my warm bed, to watch news with a cup of my morning espresso. I don't let anything steal our time together when we are playing games, reading, watching cartoons and cooking together :). I come to school with a good mood and always eager to share it with my kids. I do not have the same shift every day - it depends on my orders and work in the makeup school. I try to take care of myself and my body. I like spending time in the fresh air. I am like an energizer.

My future goals are

I love life and I love to smile and laugh. So that, I can say I am proud that I'm looking a bit younger :) I am honest, kind and cheerful! Of course, I am not a perfect person, like everyone I have some positive sides and some negative sides of my character. I think that I have a good sense of humor and I have a good intuition.

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