Birth Date
12 / August / 1993
48 kg 132 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I finally want to form a family, which i’ve dreamed of since childhood. I hope to be his inspiration and i would like to help him in his every beginning. I start my day with a fresh shower and a cup of strong coffee, it gives me the necessary charge of energy for the whole day. Almost all people like to travel. Our personal opinion of this lady this lady is very feminine and tender, she is family-oriented and ready for creating serious relationship with a decent man.

About my family

I like spending time with my brother and his family as well. It thrilles and charges my body for the whole day. I have not big but friendly family where my father is the only man. My sister passed away a while ago and her little daughter is growing by my parents. They love and respect each other, that's why the family values are in the first place for me.

Domestic abilities

My future man will never be hungry. I like cooking very much. I can do everything! But the lion part of my attention is development of comfortable atmosphere in my house decorating it with nice hand-made things and flowers. I do everything I can to make my house cozy. I help my mother to do everything about the house. I can cook for hours, and my preference is to cook healthy, but tasty food. Of course not cucumber cakes or pasta with chocolate, but something delicious! If you are hungry- I will be the one to feed you and I bet your mouth will be watering while I'm cooking.

What I do in my leisure time?

Leisure time? I don't have leisure time. I like to spend time outdoors, I love nature and think it is the biggest treasure in the world. I go out for jogging at my spare time and come back feeling like a newborn inside and out. I am sure, when I have my second half, all my free time will belong to him! I like reading a lot of medical literature, watching documentary movies and youtube videos about medical treatment, the unique diseases, and even the surgery process. It is a great pleasure to relax in the nature and to breathe in fresh air.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Kind, openhearted, sociable, close to nature and its habitants) if you are in need of harmony, care and attention, love and all its miracles you will be glad to know such an amazing, ambitious lady)) Her smile shines like a sun and make you smile too. She continues to develop her personality in every possible way in various spheres. Don't lose your chance to get to know her! This lady is wonderful, cheerful and creative who wants to share her life with a nice man. Alyonushka is very intelligent and personable. An unusual green shade, with long dark lashes and a beautiful bend of the eyebrows.

How would I describe myself

-))) I know what I want from the life and I always try to achieve my goals. As for me, the perfect sport for a girl who wants to look good all year. I love to take care of people, just make them happy the way I can. Also I was told I am honest and cheerful:) I always try to find the way out of any situation and ready to compromise :) I take a good care of myself and I am sporty. I'm not afraid to relocate. I have learned playing guitar and now I enjoy playing it so greatly. I want to create a good happy family!

My typical day

In the evening we spend time with my family, read books and talk about many things. My afternoon schedule is restarted. When I feel depressed I like to sit somewhere near the water and to watch the clouds. m and begin my day with a light breakfast, having shower, get dressed and go to work. My day usually begins with sweet stretches, as I like to spend some time in bed after hearing alarm clock. Then I come home, feed my cat (again) and eat something. Good and healthy breakfast is the best start of any day! I rent an apartment together with two girls and we like to chat in the morning while we have our breakfast and before we go to work.

My future goals are

But for me achieving what I strive for is the most important thing. I am a very open-minded person. I like to smile and enjoy every single day ! I believe compassion is my major quality.

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