Birth Date
7 / September / 1986
49 kg 117 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I also love my siblings. I am sure that this true feeling makes people believe in fairy tales. I can open somebody the world when woman knows how to love. Also i dream about one thing - it's health for my dearest and closest people as it is very important for me to see all my dearest and closest people wealthy and healthy. Maybe he is the same fond of sports and different activities.

About my family

My family consists of 3 members: me, my mom and brother. They are so cute)). She is very feminine and colorful, very sincere and with a good sense of humor. I like trying new recipes. Unfortunately my father died years ago so my elder brother had become a great support for me.

Domestic abilities

There is no such a household chore that I couldn't or wouldn't like to do! I like to bake as well. I dream to have a small garden in which I could grow beautiful flowers and fruits, but unfortunately now there is no such possibility as I live in an apartment, not in the house. Such a nice way to make your place clean and not ruin your mood with so much work to do :) I am fond of cooking and can cook all the dishes from Russian cuisine! The beautiful words about love will not feed my man, but my tasty dishes will make him forget everything! I am very creative and I like to create my own recipes. Only then they will be ready to learn your mind and appreciate your personality fully, which is more meaningful than your look. ))) I like to renovate my flat from time to time and it is always nice to feel like you are in a renewed flat. Of course, most of them are from Russian cosine and I hope that one day you will taste my dishes.

What I do in my leisure time?

I am very active, I love swimming and going to the swimming pool, also I jog and enjoy visiting sport events. I am sure. As they say, time spent with pleasure isn't considered to be spent at all! I try to dedicate myself to the activities that bring me enjoyment and a piece of happiness. -) I also like to go to the bowling club. I try to practice a lot. I love simple life.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

We sincerely hope she will find her one and only with our help. She is very open and friendly lady. The lady is unique in her own way. She is a very beautiful woman that definitely deserves to be happy! She is young but seems to be very mature and self-confident person. She is looking for a reliable partner to share her life with. Such person can always help and support at complicated situation.

How would I describe myself

I would say that I am very kind-hearted and caring lady, I take pleasure in sharing and feel some guilt when I’m in a position to share something but I am not able to. I work as a nail master in a beauty salon and I like to make people more beautiful. Man, you'd better come - and get to know me in person! I am romantic and I believe in true love. They are so pure and lovely. I see only good things in people and give positive emotions to them. I like sport so much and I like to spend time with family. I am a simple woman who likes to discover this world and I am open to everything new).

My typical day

I watch different films but my favourite one is Bridget Jones’s Diary. We play together at home and outside, I teach her roller skating and also we create our own garden near our house where she can play with her friends. It gives me the the charge of energy for the whole day. I am working every day, so I spend most part of my time at the office. Then I go to work, where I spend the most part of my day. I am working every day, so I spend most part of my time at the office. Sometimes I can go for a walk with friends, read books and almost every day visit the gym. I wake up early in the morning and do some exercising, have my cup of tea and smile to this world!

My future goals are

I am funny, sociable, honest and trustful person. I want to meet my special man. Ok, I am a communicative woman, reliable, have sense of humor when it is acceptable, decent and caring. Sociable, intelligent, with a good sense of humor.

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