Birth Date
13 / January / 1997
51 kg 108 lbs
The type of man that I desire

During the weekend i prefer to walk along the parks and city streets, or if the weather condition is not good, i go to the dance studio or swimming pool, where i spend time with a benefit for my health. -I also hope that my man will be positive, honest and caring. We can do a lot of things together! We spend a lot of time together doing simple things! She likes to smile and talk about life and future.

About my family

It is not that big, but for me quite enough, I have parents who support me through the life and I am very thankful to them. I live with them now, we are not only family, we are also very good friends. Few minutes of crossword per day prevents the development of Alzheimer's disease --) I don’t think I have to worry about it yet but I do like to keep my brain working. My brother is studying to be a sailor and also wants to see distant lands. I think that I like to make some salads most of all.

Domestic abilities

I adore to invite guests and treat them with my homemade dishes. I love home made food because when you cook you can put a piece of your soul in your dish! I live with my grandmother to help her, she is a wonderful lady, very hard-working, but because of her age she is weak and she needs me. I want my house to be cozy, comfortable and welcome. I hope that my future husband will be ready to help me with doing all those things about the house. By saying Whatever I mean cooking, cleaning… I can’t say I am a fan of kitchen, but I know that I can make my man feel hungry when he will smell my eatable masterpieces. I believe it is great to come back home, see your smiling wife, and have romantic dinner together. I also help her with kids if she need to go to the city or others. I don’t have a lot of time for house-keeping but I like cooking.

What I do in my leisure time?

I'm an active person, so I like to go in for sports - I practice fitness, yoga, ride bicycle or if it is winter, I enjoy sledging. My favourite is Bulgakov ("The Master and Margaret", "The dog's heart"). When I have free time I like to enjoy my life, meet friends, I like outdoor activities! To speak the truth, with two kids I have not much free time. In general, I'm fond of music, travel, photography and sport. A big pleasure for me is to pass the time with my relatives and friends. I like reading books.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

But is being vulnerable a bad trait? Never! Beautiful, sensitive, optimistic lady She is smart and knows what she wants from this life. She has a good sense of humor, she is a very active and sincere). The lady is eager to find a husband, she seems to be full of joy and love to share with someone. All the dreams may come true once she is motivated and in love. She is a little bit shy but it is very nice and rare feature of the girls' character nowadays.

How would I describe myself

I am not afraid of any problems. I want to open my soul to a decent man, to show all my kindness and care to him. I love animals, I love people. The most important thing is happiness that makes our lives full of colorful moments. I am a kind, reliable and understanding lady. I think this site will make my dream come true about meeting a man who would appreciate me just for how I am. I have passion to cars, I am a driver myself and enjoy it very much. I love this life and try to get all the best from it, despite the fact that I completely realize that it consists of dark and light sides.

My typical day

I have an adorable son. Due to my profession, my working schedule is free. Then I spend the first half of the day at the University studying. And of course I love having someone with me! That is my everyday life. I guess it helps me to get more positive energy for the whole day. Before sleeping I like to make self care procedures. During the weekend time I like to improvise and make my day full of nice and pleasant events!

My future goals are

I am loyal and expect loyalty from my second half as well. I love life and enjoy it to the fullest but I dream to have someone next to me to share this beautiful life together. I am very sensitive, too. I will share the last meal with a homeless person.

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Dating a puerto rican female