Birth Date
28 / July / 1996
53 kg 122 lbs
The type of man that I desire

We often hear this question "is he (sheyour only one? He should be mature, ready to take responsibilities, family-oriented and reliable. Watch this video for free She is very active and she helps me to stay positive. I like cooking if i have time and most of all like that part of a day when i come back home from work.

About my family

Also I love reading, I have a plenty of books to read, but I have not much time for it. I have a dream, and I hope I will see it come true. I will always draw a smile on his face. My future goals are I have lots of dreams, and I am quite ambitious :) I would like to travel all around the world, to find my beloved one and to create a happy family. I was born and grew up in Kremenchug city where I still live together with my family.

Domestic abilities

I do not like dirty dishes in the kitchen or when there is dust anywhere. It is very interesting as for me and there are so many different cultures all other the world with different cuisines and cooking traditions. I am a lady, a future wife and a mother so I do everything about the house. I can do everything around the house and I actually enjoy it! I like to make my home cosy so I do all homework by myself. And for now it is my habit :) I can't say that it brings me much pleasure, but I love to see the results of my housework. I like my house always be beautiful and comfortable. I like cleaning very much because it is a fun activity since everything becomes clean after it? I like keeping home clean.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to spend my time with my daughter - going to the park or movies or just playing games, we always have fun together. I think that a woman should be fit, so I am fond of sports. But don't think that I sit in a gym or jog all the time, I also like to go out with friends, have fun and do crazy and funny things like all people. When I am holding her little hand I forget about problems and daily routine immediately and I believe that miracles still exist in this versatile world! And I have a cherished dream - to jump with a parachute, and soon it will be realized ! It is very comfortable, because I can do this at home and don't need to leave my daughter with anybody, though not always I can work at home so sometimes I take her with me. Who knows what will be useful for me in future.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Her wise thoughts impressed all of us. Her sincere smile will disarm anyone:-) she is trustworthy and kind. When you are near her you feel warmth. She is a family oriented and looking for true love. Valery is an interesting person, she is smiling and nice. Irina is a calm and not impulsive person. The lady looks very elegant and feminine.

How would I describe myself

I am very honest and I will NEVER lie to my future beloved man. I do believe in finding a nice man for me and I dream about that every day and my eyes will always sparkle with happiness! I'm independent but at same time I need my close people around me to share this amazing life with. So I wish to have the same one. I like to open new things in life: to read a fascinating book, to watch a documentary movie or just to find a new recipe. Still I like to stand out, do not like to be as everyone else. But I do not think this is the significative of my young age. I am not afraid of difficulties and face them with smile.

My typical day

I need to take her to the kindergarten. After 9 o'clock I am preparing dinner and also something for the next day. When the weather is cold I like to spend my time at home, to read interesting books, watch nice and romantic movie and I like to create new receipts for preparing delicious meal! I can be super busy all day long. I wish I had a special person to spend my evenings with. I cook breakfast for me and my son. After it I can read a book or watch some movie and then go to bed. :) I live alone with my cat.

My future goals are

I am a very attractive and sensitive woman. I think this site will make my dream come true about meeting a man who would appreciate me just for how I am. Besides all that I am a faithful woman! But I am young lady who has already created an image of happy future.

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Dating a divorced man not ready