Birth Date
17 / January / 1983
52 kg 134 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Sometimes i like to just relax at home with my cat, relish the coziness and comfort especially after a hard day's work. That is what i have escaped from. Watch this video for free I know that somewhere there is a man who is meant to be mine:) I can say that i am a very romantic person and love surprises.

About my family

I wish I could have same family of my own! Our life is a joy! However, I'd love my son to have a father, so my future husband should love kids! We often meet and go out together. Relatives are people who will always help you and will never leave you in troubles.

Domestic abilities

I adore flowers. As every woman I like to cook - I always find some new recipes and try to cook something unusual and I must admit I can do it very well:) I adore flowers, so I have many in my flat. My main domestic ability is to feed my cute cat - Tim. Everything has it's own place at home and I like when a house gives you a feeling of home where you always want to come no matter what and which makes you feel comfortable and safe. They all say my food is very tasty and I will win the man's heart by my cakes)). As every lady I like cleanness and that is why I clean my house regularly. ) I like everything to be not only clean but shining. And always try to add new, beautiful and bright notes of design in our house! Also I have a dog Rudie and it's another member of our family.

What I do in my leisure time?

When I was little I was taking ridding classes and I was pretty good at it, but after we moved and it was far to go to ridding club I had to enjoy another sport like figure skating. All my leisure time I spend with my lovely daughter) We always have a great time together) We can rollerblading with her or walking at parks! I like to play with my tiny dog and to go for a walk with her. I like to think of myself as of a true hostess - there's nobody in my house who is deprived of attention. I am sure every person has to fill his life as much as possible! My free time I like to spend with friends, drink coffee, play billiards, bowling, watch new movies in the cinema, but sometimes I want silence, so then I read an interesting book or watch a movie at home with a cup of tea) I have a small dog Lolita.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Anna is an open-minded and pleasant girl. A lady is a very interesting example of how beauty can combine with intelligence and kindness. Julia is very open and sincere, she is an amazing person and we hope she will find her destiny with our help. She is cheerful and honest person, who wants to find her lovely man. You feel warmth and kindness in her look. It consists of tenderness and shyness, confidence and responsibility. She has many interests and her life is full of interesting moments.

How would I describe myself

I understand that marriage is a work and both should work on it to reach good results and keep it happy. Why not! I am not the one to be shy even if I don't sound perfect. I am cheerful and I am a believer in a better future. I like accuracy and also the beauty of our world. I am sure that life can be bright and positive when your second half is near you. I am quick tempered lady. Moreover it is a competition and when you compete to someone it gives you an additional power to win.

My typical day

I would love to dedicate more time to my future husband and children. When I take shower, drink coffee and turn music loudly and dance, if I have day off. Of course I also like to read very much) It helps me to develop my personality) My favorite book is "The Master and Margarita". Usually watch movies or TV and around the midnight walk with my dog outside. When I have a project I spend the biggest part of my time working on it nights and days. I have lunch with my friends. Then I go to work. ) I am also interested in bartending skills, I take classes of it, I go to gym and I have training of fire art with my fire band.

My future goals are

I am a calm person, I like to be joyful and bright. I want to love and be loved, and I think that true love exists - we just need to find it. I am cheerful, smiling, optimistic and friendly. I am risky and curious, I like extreme adventures.

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Cory monteith dating history