Birth Date
24 / March / 1986
61 kg 107 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Lady about herself i am very communicative and so it's important for me to share. I think that traditions are very important for the family. it's intriguing like finding an unknown world. It is always better to know bitter truth than sweet lie. I intend to know something new in my life!

About my family

My family is my support and maintenance. In summer we always go to the river to take a catamaran, for me it is just an amazing rest. I believe that self-development is very important. My family consists of 4 people it is my mom, dad and my younger brother. We are a real team and we have very warm relationships.

Domestic abilities

Have you ever tried? I try to spend my free time with good. I like to do the work about the house. I believe it is the first step for healthy lifestyle. I like to do everything around house and I am good in cooking, but I don't really enjoy to cook) My son is even more found of it than me) Maybe because I don't have a husband who would enjoy my meal and give me a reason to cook something unusual for him. In my family we share the duties and I believe it is right. but I do. I can say I enjoy cooking. I guess I do everything what any other woman would do at home.

What I do in my leisure time?

I'm helping person. Designing clothes is my main passion, and I made it my job, so I think I am lucky and happy person. Of course, I am fond of sports. I work hard and of course after good work I need good rest)What can be better than to go to the countryside and to be close to nature. I became mother, so all my leisure time I devote to my small son! I like to do a lot of things , that you couldn`t even to remember all of them :) But most of all I like to travel or just get out into nature with my friends ! Whatever I do I try to do it well with love and joy!

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This lady is very positive and funny. Irina perfectly represents what she wants to reach in her life and makes efforts to achieve this. Nice and sweet lady, with good manners and attractive appearance. Inna is very beautiful and cheerful. But it's really hard not to fall in love with her. Irisha is a real example how a true woman should look like. She seems to be a nice person.

How would I describe myself

I have always wanted to have a big, loving and friendly family. To me, I'm an open-minded person with a good heart, I keep developing myself and working on my inner world. I have a big and compassionate heart and I want to give my love and tenderness to my dear and loving person someday. I think I can honestly say that I am a very happy person because at this young age I know who I am and who I am not. I love my job very much it is very interesting and responsible. I love animals, I love people. I’m the one, who cannot stay depressed for more than 2 hours. I have learned playing guitar and now I enjoy playing it so greatly.

My typical day

After work, I try to meet up with my friends and have some coffee or go to the movie together. I make breakfast for my son, then we play together and go for a walk. After this I go to my favorite work. I also like walking in the evening, and when the weather is fine, I put on my earphones, turn on the music and go to the park. I love my job because I meet every day new people and communicate with them and that is what I like a lot) After my work I go to my dancing classes)) I dance belly-dance and I am so enjoying this activity)))) I am sure that you will be happy to see me dance? I wake up quite early. I wake up, have breakfast, listen to music, then go to work and after I am free to meet my friends at a cafe and enjoy the conversation. Then I take shower and have meal with kids.

My future goals are

I try to be always beautiful inside and outside -) I'm an open person, who is always ready for adventures. I absolutely adore nature and animals. kind and romantic woman.

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