Birth Date
17 / May / 1984
62 kg 132 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Well, i have a kind heart, so a fight is not a good option for me, but two others are perfect. I hope to meet the man here, who will become my second half and my partner, and i would love to show him my city, to introduce him to my family and to share memories and emotions, which would show the real me to my chosen one. I adore children. I want a smart, good-looking man on whom i can rely. I like to read books and listen to music.

About my family

There is an enigma in her and it's up to you to solve it. My typical day I do not know why but my job takes most of the day. I would like to realize my potential. I want him to stimulate me to become better person for him and I do promise I will do the same for him. My typical day Every morning I begin in the same way - cold shower!

Domestic abilities

I like to clean my house cause I adore warmth and cozy in my home. Cleaning home, ironing and washing windows calms me down when I am stressed, so I also like to do it. I like to have the clean and comfortable home. I like to do everything about the house. I think that all of this is a part of women’s life! They make it more comfortable, cozy and beautiful. It is really good to come back home after difficult working day and just have a rest. I am very neat and you will never see mess in my house! That's really exciting!

What I do in my leisure time?

I have a huge amount of them in my memory card. I am engaged in the art of photography. My leisure time I spend with a good movie or a good book. I’m trying to have as much bright minutes in my life as I can and I’m trying to make a small holiday out of every hour. I try to get out with my friends to the nature as often as possible. When sometimes I have free time I try to spend it usefully. I like various kinds of sports.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is smart and beautiful. She is very serious about finding a good man for her and create family together. This lady is very lovely and wants to find her husband as soon as possible. She was born to sparkle with joy and light! She is very positive and tries to make people all around happy. Alyona is very smiling, cheerful, lovely and truthful woman. Anastasiya has just a wonderful adorable smile and beautiful eyes.

How would I describe myself

I am an optimistic person. I like to enjoy life, have fun and make other people happy. It will help me to reach my main goal in life. I believe in one woman man and vice versa. I am an open, creative, easy-going, very loving, caring and happy person. I am a very smart and educated young woman. I do the Qigong practice now. As for me, I appreciate people's honesty, kindness, sense of humor and intelligence.

My typical day

Life is short and we need to appreciate every single moment. In the evening I meet friends, read a book, watch a movie, or do domestic chores. My typical day - it's not just home and work . My day is full of new emotions and new people. Sometimes I watch interesting movies before going to bed. Then I go to the university and have my classes. I can work not for all day so, I do have the flexible work schedule and I can plan my day myself. I am a student in the university and I attend model-art school so, my days are very busy.

My future goals are

I am a very curious woman who likes communication and cannot stand being alone. Hope, that I will be miracle for my loving partner :) I am sure that on this web site I will find my destiny, my future husband who will make me happy. It is very important for me to realize that somebody needs me. I like kids and pets, I adore spending time with my family.

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