Birth Date
20 / July / 1985
53 kg 108 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I miss my family and dream about my own one all the time. I like to cook and o surprise my close people and parents with something delicious and tasty. When i come home in the evening, i like to relax, to read some book, to do chores at home, to cook something tasty. But every morning i start my day with sport. I will be glad to make him happy by any means

About my family

So I guess it is normal that my main plan for the nearest future is to find the right man and start working on creating our common future. Get a much better idea of the lady's personality! We always celebrate everything together and these minutes of common happiness are so valuable for me. I am fond of cooking, and I prefer to make experiences with food. I am so grateful to my grandmother because she taught me everything that a young lady should know about being a good homemaker.

Domestic abilities

I do everything in my house and I can surely say I can do all about the house and I'm proud of it. You will have something only after some efforts. but not to do everything. I do everything but especially I like to cook desserts. To be honest, I like to clean the house and do some gardening. I can honestly say that I am a good housekeeper and I enjoy doing everything in my home. It is my inner world and I am ready to open it for a special person. Man who is not hungry, is half happy. Kind of spa procedure.

What I do in my leisure time?

I have a big dream - to visit a Niagara Falls, maybe it sounds strange a little, but I hope this dream will come true one day. But nothing could be better that to spend time with my dear people and friends. I also have many friends so we like to meet and to discuss our daily events or just to go somewhere to spend our free of study gold time on a fresh air. In the childhood I played for local football team. I started playing piano when I was 5. Also I like to play Ping-Pong and volleyball with my friends and relatives. Long walks, bicycle riding, skating are not all in our list of favorite activities.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Her borscht seems to be something you should try one day! Pleasant and gentle person . Valja is very kind and sincere lady, very sporty and will reach her goals for sure! Romance is very important in her life, as feelings can't survive without bright colors. Zoriana is a very communicative and smiling girl, it's easy to talk with her, she is easy going and cheerful person. She is very communicative, easy-going, and cheerful. This girl loves life and people around!

How would I describe myself

I enjoy outdoors activities and when the weather is nice, I like to walk and to spend time with my goddaughter. Would you like to read such a book? I am cheerful and friendly girl. I am loving and caring and I want to give my love to this only one who will be waking me up in the mornings with a tender kiss-). I never get angry with anybody and try to help people noticing the beauty around. The only thing I would never be able to understand is a betray. The lady who believes in romance, the lady who believes in passion. I am always optimistic and try to support my family and friends in every situation.

My typical day

In the evening I help my daughter with homework. Almost every day I go to the gym, but I find time for my son, friends and relatives. 00 and go to supermarket to buy some food and sweets. As I combine studies and work, my days contain classes at the university and time I spend at my working place. It is not only money but also respect and appraisal of my work what matter a lot for me. Then I work till 7 pm. I get up at 9 a. I also like to walk sometimes before going to bed.

My future goals are

I love to take pictures of people on beach or while surfing or it can be lifestyle videos. I am honest woman with an open heart, but my soul is still missing its other half. If I do something I do it as good as I can! :) I want in the end of my life to be able to look back and see my life meaningful and complete.

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