Birth Date
12 / October / 1998
58 kg 131 lbs
The type of man that I desire

The closest and strong relations i have are with my mother. Domestic abilities i live alone so i do everything by my self around the house! I like surprises, and i adore doing them. I have both parents and a younger sister. I think it is important i can run it anywhere.

About my family

My family consists of 4 people it is my mom, dad and my younger brother. I was brought up with love and care and my parents always gave me only the best. I am sure, my man will be always satisfied and happy. I also like to go to the fitness club with my friends sometimes or we just go to some cafe with them in the evening and chat. I respect people and their opinions.

Domestic abilities

I like to create some new dishes and to improve old ones. I may bring some nice flowers in order to add coziness and brightness to the house. I have some flowers in my house that`s why one of my duty is to look after them, to water them in time and to replace to other pots. As it is a place you want to come back after work or long trips, so, it is cozy and has a lovely atmosphere! Then we play UNO cards or monopoly. I am very homy and I like to make everything pretty and clean there because I like to invite guests to my home. I like when everything has it's own place in the house. I also take my time every day to walk my dog, its name is Lola. Cooking is my passion and I like different experiments in the kitchen.

What I do in my leisure time?

ooo this is a long and important process, I like to go from one shop to another to choose the one thing I like. This way I gain my self-fulfilment as a creative person. I am fond of track and field, I am doing it for about 5 years now, and I enjoy it very much. I really cannot say that I have a plenty of leisure time, because I'm fully engrossed with my work, my child and my house. That's way I can say that my favorite activity is to play lawn tennis. Usually I spend time with my family, parents and my sister. I `m a very active person.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

It is great pleasure to communicate with such people as anastasia! This lady is very caring and understanding! natalia is a very positive, friendly and reliable person. Anastasia has an incredible ability to stay positive all the time. She is the type of a person you will definitely notice in the crowd. Don't waste any minute and go ahead and write her now! She is tired of loneliness and needs real man in her life.

How would I describe myself

I like to laugh and joke, although I do not know many jokes. So never give up ! I am always polite and attentive towards people surrounding me. I am a giving lady and my care, love, my all warmth long to be given. That's all. I don't want to talk much about how good am I. But sure, I have much good qualities in myself. But sure, I have much good qualities in myself.

My typical day

00 or 6. When I come back home I like to cook dinner and have family dinner with mom). My typical day starts very early with a glass of fresh orange juice. I love swimming and often in summer time I spend quite a lot of time swimming in the river here. Going to the gym is an essential part of my day, I can relax while working out. It gives me a good mood for the whole day. :) I like to finish a day with a long relaxing bath. After my work I, like a real lady who is dreaming to be a caring wife, usually cook something tasty.

My future goals are

I think the dream of being happy is common for all people and I am not an exception. I dream to be happy and loved. I can say that sometimes I talk a lot but that is always what is important! I am kind, loving and sensual woman.

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Carbon dating age limit