Birth Date
4 / June / 1992
55 kg 116 lbs
The type of man that I desire

But i have a very good relationship with both. Am i in search for a special man? About my family my father is a fireman and my mother is a nurse. My typical day i try to make every day happy! And happiness.

About my family

I was born and grew up in Cherkassy. I am very tender and romantic lady, but I also can active and positive. :) After that I usually do what I really like. I greatly appreciate our friendly relations in the family and being open with each other. Our personal opinion of this Lady This lady will catch your attention, you'll never get bored with her!

Domestic abilities

) At least my family and friends always enjoy to visit me because I always would treat them with something delicious. This is one of my hobbies! I enjoy cooking and I cook daily. I feel good if my room and all the house is in order. It sounds not real, but we are really lucky guys and manage to do everything together :) I want to have strong team in my future famuly with my husband and children. I am sure you would like it if you tried one day-) So its a truth that my man will never be hungry -) I also do cleaning and take care of the plans in the family. Of cause every day I do the usual things for example cleaning dinnerware. I live separately from my parents and that means that I have to do everything about the house and I do it. I have a dog and often he is the reason of a mess in my apartment.

What I do in my leisure time?

and when I have spare time I do not like to be lazy and wander around! It calms me down) An interesting book, a cup of aroma tea and a blanket and I feel so happy and relaxed) I like to meet friends of course, then we might chat in cafes, or go for a picnic out of town or in the park, we go dancing or singing in karaoke clubs from time to time, if it is summer, we often plan trips to the sea. But I always try to find time for resting and interesting things and try to develop myself! I enjoy reading very much. I live in ancient city so it is easy - history is everywhere. If I finish my work early so I like to spend the time with my friends, but actually I would like to spend this time with my special man, with my beloved person, to share a lot of time together and spend really pleasant moments, I am sure that even one moment with my beloved could bring me lots of pleasure and joy.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

The lady is very positive and ingenuous. She can make her man the most happy person on this earth! She will be a great companion and wonderful caring wife. She is an optimistic, self motivated and family oriented person. The meeting is possible with her in one of our brances at the safe territory. this lady is very gentle and tender. She is responsible and has a strong vision of her future.

How would I describe myself

I work there as a vet. it's always difficult to describe myself. I would like to learn so many if I had the possibility :) I am desperately looking for a nice man to make my life brighter. I like cooking and I keep healthy way of life. I will not be too modest:) I think I am caring, tender, beautiful, smart, purposeful and sexy:). I am a very active and strong-willed person, I am looking for the same partner for myself because I believe that common goals and vision of life are important for marriage. And I can't live without romance :)

My typical day

It usually helps me to have a good sleep when I spend time in the fresh air before going to bed. When I come home, I have dinner with my son and we go to bed. Interacting with people is always an integral part of my day. Then I should make a light breakfast and after my breakfast I go to work. At home I like to cook some delicious and treat kids from my class. and every day is new , because I do not do the same things all the time , and this makes every day to be much more interesting for me. After work I go home and prepare something for dinner. Usually in the evening I go out with my friends and we have some fun.

My future goals are

I will care about my man and he will feel confident next to me. I don't like lazy people who don't want to improve themselves . I hope I will find a man who is ready for serious relations. And I am ready to change that awful situation.

Capricorn man dating a cancer woman

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Capricorn man dating a cancer woman