Birth Date
2 / October / 1994
55 kg 126 lbs
The type of man that I desire

My future goals are i set the goal for myself - to become a happy woman! Some ladies want to find a strong, caring and loving man. I would only accomplish my goal in being happy when i would be able to live my life for myself and still able to provide love and support to others. I want the supporting and loving person next to me, i would surely pay him back with the best i have! He just has to be a person i feel comfortable with.

About my family

So I have a great example and I try to follow it. My parents always support me and try to understand me. I do my best to support her and help her with everything in her life. My typical day After a routine of taking a shower, having breakfast and so on, I go to work. since then, people are looking for their halves all over.

Domestic abilities

I don't like to clean bathroom. I love when my apartment shines with cleanliness and order. I like to learn something useful and to keep it as my experience. It is very interesting as for me and there are so many different cultures all other the world with different cuisines and cooking traditions. My home is cozy and comfortable. I like to cook very much and it is always very interesting and exciting for me to try some new recipes. I like always to invent something new in cooking, some new dishes and so much fond of bakery. I really like to cook. Also it is a pleasure for me to cook some tasty dishes every day.

What I do in my leisure time?

In course of time I do hope to take a good man by the hand to start family life journey. Then I can take a walk through the park and enjoy the fresh air alone or with my younger sister or friends. Now my devotion is pole-fitness. I like to play with my tiny dog and to go for a walk with her. Twice a week I have a strong need to exercise and put my energy into something to get my mind off of things and to keep fit. When it is warm and the weather is nice, I like to be outdoors as much as possible. I like developing my creative side and these hobbies help me a lot.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Very good interlocutor. Anastasia is very cheerful and bright lady, who is very interested to find a good man. olechka is a very nice girl, very kind and active. You will be glad to communicate and meet with her. Katerina is a very smart, beautiful and pleasant person. She is searching here for true love, so we hope she may find it here. A striking young lady with lots of energy and positivism.

How would I describe myself

-) At the same time I know what I want from life and ready to fight for it. I believe in soulmates. I am cheerful and friendly girl. I am here because I am looking for a nice man who can change my life and make it even happier. I'm waiting for you. Somebody who will discover my inner world and will become a part of it. I am cheerful and friendly girl. I came to find someone I can give it all to.

My typical day

Of course, in the evening we have some free time and after the rest my daughter should do her homework. I think that it is very important to start with with nice meal. In the evening when I stay at home I prefer to watch movies or read books about self development. It is clear without any saying, that I have many duties. I'm a student, so on work days I study hard:). I spend the most part of the day there studying and after that I return to my dormitory room and study again. Evenings I try to spend with close people. :-) I like eating something delicious and healthy in the morning and when I'm married I'll be glad to make breakfast for my other half and for our kids --) What I do in the evening after work usually depends on my day and on the weather.

My future goals are

) Would you like to get to know me better? I don't want to talk much about how good am I. My life is very diverse and full of emotions. I'm a nice lady with positive attitude and energy.

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