Birth Date
3 / September / 1996
54 kg 106 lbs
The type of man that I desire

We like to dream and she always tells me that she wants to see me with reliable man. The most important for me to know he will be like a superman for me. Someone who loves children and wants to have them in future family. In relationships i value devotion, care and understanding, and being there for each other in ever moment. What i do in my leisure time?

About my family

I have a small family. I am proud of my beautiful and wise mother. So my future goal - is MY MAN. Discover her life and secrets no other men know :)It's intriguing like finding an unknown world. It is always so warm to see their smiles and to feel how they miss me.

Domestic abilities

So, I would need your strong hands to do this:) I believe that family should have some little traditions and family time to make it stronger. I always keep my home clean and tidy. Probably as most women I clean my house, trying to keep it tidy and cozy. I'm good housekeeper and that is why I have many abilities at home. I like when it looks beautiful and well - groomed. I enjoy adding a zest to everything I do around my apartment. When I have much time I like to try new dishes with my family and friends and I hope that someday we will share our romantic dinner with my future beloved. To be honest, I prefer cooking over washing dishes )) If I have an opportunity, I will cook all the day through if someone washes the dishes -) Deal ? I adore cooking, I just can not imagine my life without it.

What I do in my leisure time?

The other day I have a mood for quiet walk in a park or old street in the downtown. I adore reading. I like to go for a walk with my friends or to do shopping with them. I like to spend time with my friends, visit cinema, theater and different interesting exhibitions! A special atmosphere reigns in the books, and I enjoy the things that are happening to me while I am reading: my thoughts fly far far away, and I am dissolving in this process. That`s why I will try to create my own family nest for my future family! I attend fitness and gym.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She hopes for our help in search for a life partner who would love to have such energetic and charismatic lady by his side. she is very cheerful, sincere and good mannered person. She is easy-going, it is very easy to find common language with her. When the meeting is going to take place with her it will be in the other city, where our branch office is. This lady is sociable, kind, cheerful. This lady is cheerful, friendly, modest, calm and optimistic. this lady is very calm, balanced and romantic.

How would I describe myself

I know that I will find a very special person here and the life of two single people will change and become a fairy tale in real! Do the right things right - that is my life moto and you can be sure that I am following it! I'm soft and gentle, honest and sincere, sexy and passionate . My close people always tell me that I have a very kind heart and that I have chosen the right profession. Ask me anything you wish to know :) I love talking to interesting people ! I enjoy my life and I adore smiling. I believe that the desire to be better with each day and things that you do to reach this goal is much more important, so I can say that I'm trying to be this better person. I enjoy my life and I adore smiling.

My typical day

Later I enjoy spending time with friends or walking around if I have time for that. I need to prepare for my next lessons and to cook a good dinner for my family. So my lunch time I may spend with my friend and drink some tasty cup of cappuccino! We can go to the cinema or gym. There is always something to do! My days start always the same but ends in different ways. I believe in saying that each day is unique and I try to live as if this day is the last one, to enjoy each moment, each second. My typical evening is passing by reading books, gym or taking the rest after a long day.

My future goals are

I am the lady who likes to try new things! I work there as a vet. I should become less self-critical. I am quite independent, but I am quite domestic at the same time.

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