Birth Date
17 / February / 1984
55 kg 131 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I would like to meet a reliable, family-oriented and kind man on whom i could completely rely. As i lead healthy way of life, i would prefer my future husband not to have bad habits. I enjoy active rest - i like roller skating, horse back riding, bike riding and camping. Then i go to work. and i wish that one day i will be happy to have a special guest in it - my beloved one.

About my family

I like do everything about the house because I know all details I do make my home cozier, warmer and more comfortable. What I do in my leisure time? My grandmother and my mother are wise women and I can turn to them for a piece of advice any time. I love being outside and spend my time active, for example riding a bicycle is perfect for me. In my turn I can offer him all my good features and intentions.

Domestic abilities

))) I will be happy to see your satisfied face after my meal. I can cook different meals from different cuisines - Russian borsh, Italian pizza, Japanese - sushi. Try to know me, I have a feeling that you will never regret! So my friends already know I am quite good at baking cookies. I don't think there is a task which I would not handle. All I need, is my'hunter' who will make me feel not alone and be happy together) As for my domestic duties, I must say that I clean my apartment once a week, we call this “the major clean”. As mature woman I can do everything at house:) I like clean flat, tasty food and fresh linen :) So I do everything to feel comfortable and cozy:) Also I like to buy different things to make the interior better and more homely! I enjoy doing everything about the house.

What I do in my leisure time?

Also I like to participate in different beauty contests. I love swimming and I am going to the swimming pool. I love to watch new films and you will never guess with whom I adore to visit cinema)))) with my mom! My leisure time is the time when I try to combine all the activities! Now I play in the University Basketball Team and rather successfully I must say :) I often visit my sister and spend time with my nephew. I like to meet with my friends. I like to do something common with my son, handmade, decorating, reading, and watching TV programs.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is looking for her happiness and love. You feel warmth and kindness in her look. This lady will never let you be bored or unhappy. You can often see cheerful smile on her face. Mary is intelligent,nice, active, kind and positive lady with high moral principles. She is intelligent and kind. She knows what she wants from her life very well and she has a strong desire to build serious relationships with a man from abroad.

How would I describe myself

Also I try to be organized all the time, because self-education and successful self-realization are impossible without considering the time of the day. It's hard to find a person who doesn't like sweets. I dream to be happy and loved. to create a happy family. I am passionate. Dream to visit France and Italy. People are not perfect, of course, but they are often very straightforward about their wish to become more educated each day, and I am one of such people – very communicative, optimistic and active. Sometimes I can be romantic and dreamy and I am very cheerful and never loose my temper!

My typical day

Of course my daughter loves that too. If my working day is o`k and I am still energetic in the evening - I can meet with one of my girlfriends and go to a nice pizza place, sometimes I meet with my brother and his family and we go to enjoy bowling or 3d cinema. And I hope that my love is still waiting for me. In the evening I go to the gym, watch TV, play with my daughter or go in for a walk! My typical day. I also can walk outdoors with my son before sleep, it helps to see sweet dreams at nights! Then I rush to the university. I try to reach something new in my life all the time.

My future goals are

I am not a troublemaker and I am not supporting argues. Being thankful for everything that you have - is that thing which my parents taught me and I am grateful to them for this lesson. Like an average person I have my own pros and cons but I believe that these things don't determine a person. And I will answer you.

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