Birth Date
7 / November / 1992
57 kg 127 lbs
The type of man that I desire

In the early morning you can feel patience, calmness when you hear every small noise of wind, when there are hardly any cars, no people, only sometimes someone`s steps interfere your peace. I want to look into these eyes and to see all the world in them. Lady about herself i believe that it is very important to be helpful and kind to others. Also, i'd like my future man to have a good sense of humour as laugh extends your life. It consists of nine people: me, my son, my mother, father and my brother with his family.

About my family

I visit gym very often, I take driving classes, also I visit English lessons! Honesty and respect are what I value in person from the first minutes of meeting )) I am a cheerful person and I meet each day with smile and if you ever feel sad - I will cheer you up definitely! So, you will not be bored with us-) They love you no matter who you are or what you do! And I like to socialize with my colleges.

Domestic abilities

I love to keep my house clean and neat, and I get pleasure of doing it. Cooking relaxes me. I like cleaning everything, and I think that a woman should always keep her house clean, so I am trying my best to do that. I do like cooking, I do like when things are in order in the house, I do like to create the coziness in the house. Sometimes I invite my family and cook something interesting and delicious for them! There are two women in my house, me and my mother. Greek, Italian, Russian kitchen. It is pleasant when the house is neat. I like to cook something new and invite my friends to try it.

What I do in my leisure time?

I also like travelling a lot, and if I had more free time, I would surely buy tickets to see the world! I go to the swimming pool, I adore spa, pilates, yoga . I try to find something new to surprise my clients every time. I like horse-riding so much. I also like dancing. In summer I like swimming and getting suntan very much. One of my favorite hobbies is horseback riding.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Always smiling and kind. She is pretty, smart and knows what she wants to achieve in life. Vlada has all features of a lady, it's easy to talk with her and after few words, it seems that you know her for a long time already. She knows what she wants and she will reach her goal. Tanya is very easy-going, cheerful and intelligent person. She needs your love, support and understanding. This lady wants to get marry and create her own family!

How would I describe myself

I have an open, positive and mischievous character. I enjoy outdoors activities and when the weather is nice, I like to walk and to spend time with my goddaughter. I am afraid of loneliness because it is very important to know and feel that somebody loves you and really cares about you. I am a real lady :) I am quite easy going, I like communication, I am romantic and passionate. I am not capricious and have simple goals in life. My close people tell I am talkative, helpful, responsible and sincere person. Hard worker, truth teller, I just love my life and count my blessings every day.

My typical day

Then I make breakfast. :) Unfortunately I spend all the day on my work and I have little free time in the evening, but I try to spend it with my family and my friends or sometimes I prefer just to stay at home and to sleep good before the new working day. What about cosmetic, I do not use it so often. My typical day begins with morning exercises. It is very responsible. There I get a lot of useful knowledge for my profession, also talk to my groupmates and teachers. My typical day looks different every day. They are not always easy and happy, but there is always something special and happy in every day.

My future goals are

I can’t imagine my future life without happy family and a caring man next to me. I am a fun-loving person, always positive and active. Would you like to read such a book? I'm a tender lady whose heart is open for serious relations.

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