Birth Date
6 / March / 1991
50 kg 105 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Do you want to have let's say the eiffel tower in your room? I want my ideal husband to be a good listener. It would be great if he knows what romance is, because i can be a very romantic woman when i fall in love. Pay attention that the lady's native town is dobropolye, when the meeting is going to take place with her it will be in the other city, where our branch office is. I do believe in love and mutual relationships between two people.

About my family

I believe that I will be a very loving wife for you! We are very close and I am so happy I have them. I dream to feel myself loved and needed. ) I love different kind of literature which enrich me with new knowledge. I have an elder brother, we are pretty good friends.

Domestic abilities

I can mix up different ingredients and different spices, and my sons always wait for a tasty meal. I love an order and cleanness. I believe that every lady has a huge responsibility to make her home cozy and clean. I would like to cook something special for my man every day. I like cleaning and do it often, so my house is never messy. I like my home and I am happy when I can stay at home all the day and just do something about the house - I like cleaning and making the house warm an cozy, I adore to cook tasty dishes for my dear people and I like to invite friends to try them :) I am a real home lady :) and I am happy to make the house comfortable and warm. I don't mind doing anything in my home, I love to keep my house clean and cozy. Most of all I like to look out of my flowers. I feel better knowing that my house is clean and the clothes are washed.

What I do in my leisure time?

(I mean natural beauty! I love to read a good book and watch TV! I also enjoy staying at home and watching an interesting movie, especially everything that is revolved around historical events. :) I have many friends and I can say without any doubts that communication with them brings me a lot of pleasure. I normally play tennis, squash or go swimming, do puzzles, play chess, read books mostly comic ones, also I often surf the Internet or just enjoy my time staying at home as the cup of evening tea. Unfortunately I do not have much free time :( and most of my time I spend on my work. we also like to have a walk with a good friendly talking.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Having met and communicated with katya i couldn't believe that external and internal beauty can combine in one person. I think that her husband will be surrounded with all her love, care and tenderness. It is very interesting to communicate with her, because she is smart and she knows how to joke:). She will be a great life partner and friend for you. She is a little bit shy but it is very nice and rare feature of the girls' character nowadays. maria is quite young but definitely a family-oriented lady. She will be a wonderful wife and a good friend.

How would I describe myself

Also I was told I am honest and cheerful:) I always try to find the way out of any situation and ready to compromise :) I believe I can make my beloved one laugh even on the most difficult and tiring day, because he will always know he is loved and cared for. I am ready and what is more important to share my LOVE and AFFECTION with my beloved man. I am very hard-working and responsible. I am a very attractive and sensitive woman. I'm a type of a person who likes to seize opportunities and to make the most of every day. I love life and love to help people. I am a giver and I like to help people without expecting something back.

My typical day

I like to get up at 7 am. I have a light breakfast and usually go to the photoshoot. I work in the afternoon. I enjoy being a mother, and I love my life the way it is. Sometimes I regret that the day has only 24 hours. Also I can watch a movie or read a book. 00 am. I work every day from 8 am till 5 pm except Saturdays and Sundays.

My future goals are

Are you looking for such a lady? I'm easy-going and open for the communication. I'm also very romantic, honest and faithful lady. I can say I am not an ordinary young lady.

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