Birth Date
26 / July / 1998
53 kg 137 lbs
The type of man that I desire

It helps me to develop myself a lot.  Because if he plans to have a Russian wife, he should be ready for many new things entering in his life :) My father is as solid as a rock, he is ready to help me and protect me any time. In today’s civilized world however, safety isn’t really that big of an issue anymore. She is a wonderful mother and she would be a perfect wife.

About my family

leisure time, how it would be good if we could enjoy leisure time 24 hours a day:) I am kidding. But having money and good career won't let you feel love and happiness. The type of man that I desire I dream to meet a real man. My mother is the closest person to me among my family. My mom is my best friend, she always supports me, understands and helps with a good advice!

Domestic abilities

I adore gardening! So the main domestic ability for me is to keep this flat clean. At this moment I live alone so I do all the things about the house having no help. And even when he is not feeling like doing something, he helps a lot, as he understands that it is not easy to do everything on my own. But I have something special for myself only. I like cooking very much. My mom taught me not be afraid of domestic chores and from childhood I want everything to be in a best order. So domestic work is one of the ways to feel more relaxed and calm. I am good at cooking, as I like to spoil myself with tasty dishes.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like embroidering and reading, especially books on Psychology. So in my leisure time I try to do things that inspire me. I enjoy being in the nature a lot. I like cooking tasty dishes for my dear people. If I have some time left after that, I like to read a good book, because I think that the self-education is very important. I adore creating a new look and taste which can surprise people and bring them unforgettable impressions. by the way, the best customers are brides.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She knows how to look beautiful. She is smart and kind. But despite all her modesty she is very purposeful. :) very communicative and ready to help and to pay attention to your problem:). The lady has great sense of humor and she is very kind and easy going. It is very interesting to communicate with her, because she is smart and she knows how to joke:). Don't miss the chance to know her and to win her heart.

How would I describe myself

I am a woman who just fades without having a man by her side, so I really want to find my beloved one very soon. I am looking for my life-partner and hope to find him here. Karaoke? My life is not easy but I never give up and believe in better! I am a simple woman who likes to discover this world and I am open to everything new). So that, I can say I am proud that I'm looking a bit younger :) I am honest, kind and cheerful! You will never be sad or bored with me, I always try to find positive sides of people and life. I'm independent but at same time I need my close people around me to share this amazing life with.

My typical day

I always try to take my son for a walk after I pick him up. Altogether we have a breakfast. In the evening I usually do some work about the house, spend my time with friends and family. I enjoy cooking and watching TV at home. I get up early so to have enough time to make breakfast and take a shower! My colleagues are very friendly, all of them are teachers and we have a lot of fun during our lunchtime. After work I take a walk, have dinner and just relax recharging my batteries. I cannot say that I have some pattern of a typical day.

My future goals are

I want to find a man who will love this life as much as I do and with whom we will share some common goals and interests. I prefer to say truth over the lie. It will help me to reach my main goal in life. Let's go with me?

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