Birth Date
2 / April / 1988
54 kg 135 lbs
The type of man that I desire

It might be strange for you to read it but i have two cute rats. When my daughter comes back after school, i help her with all her home tasks. I think this characteristics are the most important for me. My brother lives with our father and his wife and i lived with mom before she died when i was 17. When i am at home, i usually have some nice music playing in the background.

About my family

I have a big family. Paintball is like hunting only you hunt with each other with paint:) I like active life and hate to be bored:). My parents got divorced when I was 10 years old, but they did not stop loving me and have always been close to be when I needed any one of them. My parents were always close to all the relatives so I was always surrounded by grannies, aunts, uncles and cousins! :)Lady about herself I know what I want in this life and I am sure that I deserve to be happy!

Domestic abilities

I adore doing this! My future home will be very warm and with great atmosphere, I promise-). I do hope that the moment my beloved comes at my home he will not want to leave it. I like to bake and make my close people feel happy and content everything. With that every day routine can be turned into exciting family life. Making cosiness even inside the most spacious and bleak house is my cool thing)! I have some flowers in my house that`s why one of my duty is to look after them, to water them in time and to replace to other pots. Living apart from my parents requires me to take a good care about myself and do all the chores by myself.

What I do in my leisure time?

Life is one, right? Also like visiting family and going out with friends. Also it is fun for me to play tennis. I like cycling, walking around the city or in the countryside! I know, that time flies quickly, and the only think we could be sorry of - is lost possibilities. I like to watch the people’s behavior. Am I too active girl?

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Oxana is a very energetic and nice lady! She is very positive. Anya is very bright and lovely lady. Oh, it is just ms. She is always nice and sincere. If you are a man who wants to have a cozy home full of love, warmth and comfort, this woman can give it to you. This lady is very pleasant in communication and sober in mind.

How would I describe myself

I am honest and sincere and like to communicate with the same people. I'm not afraid to relocate. My friends always say that I am a small piece of happiness:) I have a mild character and it is easy for me to find new friends. I am kind, loving and sensual woman. " I believe that relationship should be based on trust, love, friendship and partnership. I just want to prove it. I like animals very much and sometimes I work as a volunteer at the animal shelter. I became wise and adult very fast, because of the life situation.

My typical day

After that my working day begins but it always brings me some pleasant surprises :) I like my life and try to find something positive in every day. My day starts early in the morning with the morning exercises and a cup of hot tea or coffee. After my studies I return home, have my dinner, do my house-keeping duties. I always like to spend my day in an active way)) I get up early to start my day and go to my work and spend my day there. I am not fond of spending lazy days, but occasionally I spend a day in bed, watching movies and doing nothing :) Those are lazy days for me and my daughter. I get up rather early to do all the morning routine things and go to work. I deal with figures and papers. I work on my own so I don't have a standard working day that's why I can spend time with my friends or dedicate it to discovering something new.

My future goals are

I am honest and sincere and like to communicate with the same people. It can be a hand-made greeting card or a pretty layout! I love to discuss interesting, sometimes philosophical topics. I adore reading.

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