Birth Date
24 / January / 1988
58 kg 118 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I am sure that it is very important to put a piece of your soul in everything you do. the third what i love is taking care of our garden :) They say, once you meet the right man you will understand it. Also i have a sister. I guess that every woman needs someone to show her that she is a real lady, who is loved and desired, and i'm not the exception:)

About my family

We live together with mom. My family consist of: mother, father, grandfather, grandmother and dog. My dad and my mom are examples of the people who are married. I have very nice relationship with her and I can talk about everything with my mother. Now, my family is my friends.

Domestic abilities

One day I'll prepare the romantic dinner for my beloved. As I live with mom who is working at the hospital - you know this schedule - I cook, clean apartment, wash clothes since I was 6. Also I like to cook together with my mom or with my friends. I can handle with every house work. I love changes in our apartment - to buy new sofa, or to change color of walls, to decorate it with flowers, or to change the light). I appreciate to keep things in order. I am a lady) I think it's in it blood :) It's very important to feel harmony inside and out. I can do everything about the house! I like feeding and washing them.

What I do in my leisure time?

I am a director of the modeling agency and I love my job. On weekends I go to the theater and visit exhibitions. I love to spend my leisure time with pleasure! I like doing a lot of things. I do my best to make her the happiest in the world! They are my dear people with whom I can share all moments that can happen in life. I love reading fantasy books and listening to music.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

nice and sweet lady, with good manners and attractive appearance. If you are looking for a serious and family-oriented lady, than don't loose this chance and write her and she will change your life for better. We think that lady is really very serious in her search. the lady is very pretty, well-bred and easy-going. Kate is beautiful, even spectacular lady and so easy-going. Zhenya will never leave you alone with your problems. she is a charming lady.

How would I describe myself

I love people and the world around me. I'm such lady, who likes to take care of other people and who will never walk by somebody who is suffering and who needs help. I cannot imagine my life without the explosion of emotions! I have passion to cars, I am a driver myself and enjoy it very much. I am still young, but I feel that I am wise enough and I know what is really important in our life. I like animals and children because I think that they cannot lie. Is it possible not to like sweets? I like my friends, I like to enjoy this life.

My typical day

I have to be there from 10 a. I open my eyes early in the morning, about 7. My day starts early since Miroslava needs care. Like to see his smile while he's having fun on the playground with other children. I like to be adventurous and active lady in all my duties. I like to cook fresh breakfasts every day and to treat my dear people with tasty pancakes :) I work all the day and in the evening I visit pilates and take my son to sport sections, meet with friends and just relax with cup of aroma tea. I go to work. I'm trying to spend my free time with my son, but I don't forget to devote some time for myself.

My future goals are

I always try to do my best. I really want peace in the whole world as I hate wars and when innocent people die. Only the one thing that make my eyes sad is lack my beloved man in my life! I want to live my life fully and I will find any way for it with my man)

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