Birth Date
19 / August / 1988
57 kg 130 lbs
The type of man that I desire

My family should be a shrine of love, a citadel of tenderness and care. I'm looking not only for a lover, but also for a friend, because we need to share everything and respect each other. I regularly attend gym and also visit yoga classes. Also i am willing to develop my own personality and to improve my skills in different sphere. He doesn't have time to look for another woman because he is too busy looking for new ways to love his own.

About my family

I have an ordinary family. I like trying something new and improvising with traditional recipes. I like going in for sports, I like to read, visit theater, cinema, meet my friends. Our personal opinion of this Lady Oksana is a very positive lady, always smiles and brings happiness. I think that traditions are very important for the family.

Domestic abilities

I love doing everything about the house. But most of all I like dish washing. I always try to be extraordinary while preparing different things, organizing picnics and goings out with friends. My children usually do cleaning in their rooms by themselves and we usually wash dishes with my children by turns. I also adore cooking. I like cleanness and order! Usually I do all work around the house by myself. I like doing everything about the house but not always have enough time for this, that is why I try to do different chores every day to keep my flat clean all the time. Frankly speaking I'm not fond of cleaning the house, but I have no choice, because my mother works hard and she has no time for that.

What I do in my leisure time?

Since having a rest is of utmost importance in our life, I do everything possible to spend it in the greatest and the most cheerful way. Also I like reading and I like cozy evenings at home. There I can just get a tan and relax with an ice drink or play something, and of course I love swimming! In my leisure time I like to do sport - visiting gym 5 times a week ! My interests in literature are so different! Would you like to travel with me in future? I cannot imagine good rest without travelling.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

tatyana is a very romantic, positive, family-oriented person. We think that this lady definitely deserves to find her second half in uadreams. She is tender and easy-going. Inna is a joy of conversation. Responsive and kind! She is very tender and attentive. Her smile is infectious, and her voice is heard from afar.

How would I describe myself

I want some changes in my life! And it is your decision whom to be, the main hero who loves, falls, stands up, takes a risk and wins. I like to go for walk with friends rather than spend time alone at home. I have a very poetic personality and soul. I’m the one, who cannot stay depressed for more than 2 hours. But I am young lady who has already created an image of happy future. Also I can describe myself as a real lady and lady needs his gentleman, who knows how to make his lady smile. I prefer books to movies because I can use my imagination to picture the events from a book.

My typical day

I think that sports in the morning is the best way to keep fit your body and mind. In the evening I usually go to dance class. Sometimes wee go to the shop with the son, to buy something tasty and come back home)) If the weather permits we can go to the park or have fun time on the playground. I open curtains and let the sunbeam into my room. When I finish working I attend the swimming pool or relax at home. I work as an accountant at the office. As it should be for every worthy woman. After work I go to gym, I try to do it almost every day.

My future goals are

I'm an active, communicative and full of enthusiasm lady who is ready for changes in her life. I am a calm person, I like to be joyful and bright. I see all the beauty of world around me. Also I can describe myself as a real lady and lady needs his gentleman, who knows how to make his lady smile.

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