Birth Date
23 / May / 1992
58 kg 101 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Every morning i want to wake up with the sun's rays and watch how my happiness still sniffs on the pillow. I have a younger brother. I am honest, sincere, vulnerable, purposeful and trustful woman. Domestic abilities i adore cooking so you will never be hungry. I want him to be simple.

About my family

Sometimes I read books or magazines or listen to music. And by the way I have one more family member - my dog Businka :) We are all very friendly and close with each other. :) I love my family and want to create mine to meet in this way. He should know how to win the heart of a real lady, and he should be able to appreciate this victory more than anything. Then, of course, I come back home and take a rest a bit.

Domestic abilities

There is no hard work to do for me. My relatives and friends always tell me that it's very strange hobby:) What do you think? Especially I like to do something at home when I am alone. Soups, meat, desserts, salads and even sushi - I can cook everything, or at least I think so LOL Hope I will find here someone for whom I will be glad to practice in cooking every day. I can do almost everything about my house. I like cleaning, cooking, washing and all other things that can be done for my sweet home. Then we play UNO cards or monopoly. My mother tought me how to cook. So the main domestic ability for me is to keep this flat clean.

What I do in my leisure time?

I have very romantic personality and I like to give my warmth and love to the one who appreciates it. We can gather and go to theater to see some famous performances. Also I am very active, I lead a healthy lifestyle and I am trying to keep fit. Actually I like to communicate with a big number of people, I like evening walks, when moon shines brightly , so, yes, I`m romantic ! I lead healthy way of life and I don't have bad habits. I have never tried myself in golfing, but I am pretty sure I would like it also. I am not a painter, but I like to paint.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Larisa is really open-hearted and caring lady, she is gentle and sweet, and her eyes are radiating warmth and joy. She is cheerful. She is smart, responsible and kind lady,who has serious intentions and is ready to create a family! She is intelligent and open to changes in her life. She is kind, open, honest and nice. She is very communicative and open lady! Viktoria is a very positive, cheerful and kind person.

How would I describe myself

I am active and like sport. Because when I see people's smile, only then I am happy person! I'm single-minded, have an ability to reach the top. One day I dream to see Italy! In my life I always prefer to give than to take and I'm ready to make a lot for my future relationship, so my man will be lucky with me! I am tender person despite all the hobbies that I have. I'm not capable to refuse anybody when I am for help. I don't like to speak about myself.

My typical day

This is some pledge of a good day. :) I feed my cat Sonya, make breakfast for myself and my dearest mom. Every day is like a previous one. When Bogdan is with his granny - or with anybody else), I meet friends, do some shopping, trying to learn English, to read, or just have sweet dreams)). Then I go for a work. I spend almost all day at the University, after I visit vocal lessons, then I go to the gym and if I have time, I can meet my friends, visit theater or cinema etc. At this moment I watch Game of Thrones and my friends start to be jealous because I used to spend evenings with them having a dinner and sharing girls’ secrets. I am a very responsible and caring mother.

My future goals are

I am a very communicative person, I am also a good friend and a good listener. I am looking for my life-partner and hope to find him here. I have an ability to see the bright side of every shade. I am completely positive and smiling person.

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