Birth Date
7 / March / 1995
60 kg 131 lbs
The type of man that I desire

In my mind, on my work and in my house. What i do in my leisure time? i am on maternity leave now. You need to be ready for my attention, care and love! Interesting personality?

About my family

My husband and our little world will always be the most important thing for me :-)My typical day I work as a shop-assistant and I work in shifts. A happy family is the base of happy fate! My typical day I wake up early in the morning, as usually it is about 7 am. My father is a sailor and my mother is a housewife. My future goals are I have a lot of dreams but my biggest dream for now is to create my own loving family!

Domestic abilities

I can cook tasty and love this a lot. I also help my mom in the garden and I like to help her with growing some vegetables in her kitchen-garden when I have time. I love to take care of flowers, I dream about my own garden. As I do not live alone I share all domestic responsibilities with my mother. Of course cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing are the activities any woman would be able to do. I just do them and that's it. So I think this place should be in order, well cleaned and cozy because it really reflects your inner world. I like to cook. Every day when I dress up, I try to tell some story with the help of my appearance.

What I do in my leisure time?

I want to learn surfing and skiing. When I am in the mood to stay at home - I cook something nice and invite my friends to me. I want to impress my man with my dishes. It helps me to clear my mind and become more feminine. I wish I could have 48 hours a day to complete with all my hobbies. Picnics, BBQ, beaches) I adore dancing, so for more than 5 years I attend classes of belly dance. But the best leisure time is for traveling.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Lady is very cheerful. It's pleasure to talk with her, because she knows what she wants and has a plan how to make her dreams come true! Julia is very open and sincere person. And like a flower gives its beauty to a gardener, she will give all her sincerity, tenderness and love to the one who knows how to take care of her. She is very affectionate and romantic, quiet and sincere person. Larisa is really open-hearted and caring lady, she is gentle and sweet, and her eyes are radiating warmth and joy. fascinating, a very beautiful and stunning woman, a very caring an loving mother, a very responsible and attentive person, a very obedient and respectful daughter of her parents and of course a very helpful sister)))

How would I describe myself

I am a girl in all meaning of this word. I don't like noisy companies. But I do not think this is the significative of my young age. So, I don't want to wait, I am ready to make steps forward my happy future to my beloved one! I am a positive fun loving lady. I live in Kiev far from my family and I feel lonely here. It’s not easy to talk about myself. I like accuracy and also the beauty of our world.

My typical day

I work till 4 pm, after it I take my youngest from kindergarten and we go home) I cook dinner, play with sons, we also can watch some cartoon or comedy and at 10 pm I read them some stories or fairy tales and they go to the bed and I have some time for myself) I can relax and dream about my future) I believe that if we dream a lot one day everything will come true. This is my last year as a student so I hope I will meet my man soon and my typical day will not just full of work, but full of love and pleasant emotions. After work I cook, spend time with my kids and go to gym. Then I take my children to school. I have a very interesting work and I enjoy doing it for many years already. She is very smart and active as for her age, so I never get bored. Going to the gym is an essential part of my day, I can relax while working out. Then I should make the breakfast for my sweet daughter.

My future goals are

But then I am very serious about my goals, people and things that I value in my life. I prefer to stay smiling and that is always sincere, because I do not like to pretend. I love animals, I love people. I know how to cherish what I have and to be grateful for everything that brings life to me!

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