Birth Date
27 / September / 1998
59 kg 110 lbs
The type of man that I desire

--)My future goals are surely, my major goal is to create a happy loving family. We would have mutual hobbies and activities. They like gardening. I value people with good sense of humor, who can take life easily and do not focus on bad events in the life. About my family i have a nice and loving family - mother, father, me and little brother.

About my family

Our personal opinion of this Lady She is a very charming and lovely lady with a strong character and good sense of humor. My future goals are My first and main goal is to be a happy and harmonic woman. Sometimes I attend yoga before work. There's 6 years' difference between us, but I don't feel it, because we get along really well. We help each other, give pieces of advice and share all the happiness and misfortunes together.

Domestic abilities

To tell you the truth I buy different beautiful things for my flat. I live separately from my parents and family. You will not be able to refuse to eat any dish cooked by me. One of the things I like to do about the house is cooking. I love to cook, but don't do it every day. Every woman should be oriented to create comfort in her house. It helps to create new atmosphere at home. And it is true :) I helped my mother and my father from early ages :) and as I am the only daughter - I had to do it alone. However, I do not want to fix sinks or anything like that, since it is a mans job!

What I do in my leisure time?

But when I have it, I like to go for a walk with my best friends. I also love to travel. Surely I like movies and reading, don't know which is better, both can make me think about deep and interesting things and feel with the characters. It is not only my hobby or just what I like to do in my free time - it is my life style! I adore these animals and I also have two Chinese Crested dogs, so I know perfectly well, how dogs need to get a good care and attention from people. Also, for my cultural development I like to read books, because, as for me, they are real evidence of the time they were written in, of the people of that times. I cannot stay at home for long time, I like to go somewhere, to explore the world.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Now it is necessary to wait due till it is safe for her to outside the city. She enjoys life and we are happy to help such lady to find her second half. Has a serious intentions and want to be loved and love. A woman who really deserves happiness. She is a wise woman. If anna has a goal - she will try to do her best to achieve it. Even if the weather is rainy, she smiles and hopes for the better, because she believes that after the rain there will be a rainbow.

How would I describe myself

My life is in moving: work, sport, friends, travelling. I don't like lazy people who don't want to improve themselves . The main things in life for me are family, home, coziness and friends. There is no obstacles for me when I want something. I am sincere, kind and open by nature. I want to live my life fully and I will find any way for it with my man) I go to the gym regularly and work hard to be fit and healthy:) I am kind, loving and sensual woman.

My typical day

Oh well, my day starts at 6 am when I wake up and get ready for work, I need to make fresh breakfast for myself and for Darya, and rush to the kindergarten pulling her by hand, she doesn't like waking up early, and I can't blame her. I pick her up after my working day. I work at the University 5 days a week and usually I am free on weekend. I get up, do typical morning things and go to work. My family loves pancakes with sweet cottage cheese, so I try to make nice breakfast for them at least once in few days. I like my work a lot, as I work with nice people there. I like to get up at 7 am. Usually I wake up early in the morning.

My future goals are

:) I know who I am. I prefer to have picnics or watch movies. I know how to love, and I'm ready to share my feelings with someone special. Man, you'd better come - and get to know me in person!

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