Birth Date
17 / July / 1984
58 kg 125 lbs
The type of man that I desire

About my family i am really close with my family, mostly with mother and grandmother. my typical day i am a lark. I prefer him to lead healthy way of life. My future goals are it may sound selfish but i want to have everything that i don't have in my life now. My future goals are first of all i dream to create my own family.

About my family

My mother brought up us by herself, she loves us a lot and supports us every time. My family is not so big, I am the only child. My house is always clean and tidy! Smile is a power. I think I can forgive betrayal, but never forget it.

Domestic abilities

I like to get flowers as a present. I like to have the clean and comfortable home. The main thing is support and desire to help. I have a lot of plants at home and I take care of them very well! My favorite Domestic ability is cooking))). Maybe I have abilities of designer) -) Nonetheless, I can be a good housewife and like cleaning. I love my house to be green with flowers and sure clean! My home should be always clean and tidy, warm and tasty dinner should always be shared by family members which they can enjoy all together at end of work day.

What I do in my leisure time?

For example, we can visit a football match or drink a cup of tea at a cozy cafe. I adore to be close to nature and breath fresh air. Wenn das Wetter gut ist, genie? I like to stay active. It could sound a little bit strange , but I have no free time. Adore visiting cinema because think it creates special atmosphere and it is more fun to watch. We are very close and always have ideas how to spend our free time.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She always has a plan and a goal in her life! She seems to be very romantic, too. Her pureness could be compared to expensive porcelain which can be broken from one rough touch. She has a good sense of humor, she is a very active and sincere). This lady is romantic, easy-going, lovely, sincere and genuine. She is very smily, honest and has a good sense of humor. It is clear from the lady`s position about family, children and friends that she is reliable and responsible.

How would I describe myself

Even if you don't plan to make sports as your main occupation. I love life. So I will make this one short - I am a lady looking for love. I am loving and caring and I want to give my love to this only one who will be waking me up in the mornings with a tender kiss-). I am a very attractive and sensitive woman. With pleasant energy which I want to share. I believe that life itself has a lot of sad moments that is why I prefer to make my life and lives of those people who are close to me colorful and bright. I am a very attractive and sensitive woman.

My typical day

At classes I try to be concentrated a lot because we are taught to save someone's life in future. I love workouts! Also I like salads and fruits. m to 6 p. ))) On weekends when I have more free time I like to spend my free time reading a good book or watching TV. I work at a big sport complex. Sometimes I meet my friend for a cup of tea and hearty talk. Then I have to go to work and I really enjoy what I do because I like seeing people happy with wide white smiles.

My future goals are

I am down to the earth, simple girl with same goals and priorities in life. In case I am sure in my man, I want to be only with him, to give him everything I have. When I finish my working day, I rush to my favourite dancing school. Traveling is a great chance to try new food and of course to learn more about new culture!

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