Birth Date
1 / November / 1994
49 kg 137 lbs
The type of man that I desire

But when i got child i think i began new, my own family, unfortunately will now it's still not full. She can put smile on your face immediately and she brings nice mood to everyone who surrounds her. it's intriguing like finding an unknown world. Domestic abilities most of all i like cooking. i know that my man will be the best for me and the only one:)

About my family

My family are my children. I am a Godmother of three children and I love children a lot. Every minute is a treasure! And I intend to create a Support Center for Cancer-Stricken Children if I have a possibility to do this. I work as a barman and I really know how to make good coffee -) I spend the whole day at my work.

Domestic abilities

I find new recipes and cook something unusual, I like to please my relatives with something tasty. Decorating a table is something that inspires me. I like to take care for pets and I have a cat at home)). Now they are booming and making my eyes happy. I try to clean home as often as I can. This is my favourite thing to do in housework. I like to make fruits and vegetables I have grown in my yard canned. Of course I clean, I wash, I try to keep everything in order. I pay attention to all details and try to make my house even warmer every day.

What I do in my leisure time?

We go to the nature,arrange picnics and barbeques. When it is summer I like to make a picnic and have a camping, go cycling. Yes,I am a very romantic person :) It’s a bit difficult to find enough time for everything right now, but I’m doing my best to make my days full of different events, interesting people and positive emotions. I like sport very much and I like to go to gym in my leisure time. I adore dancing, and I have been doing professional dancing for a while, I enjoy sports, and go to GYM, I love swimming and boating, I adore water and I think I could sit on the bank of the sea or ocean and look at it eternally, I love reading nice and interesting books, I am fond of psychology and I read a lot in this field, I love music and listen to any kinds of POP music with pleasure, I can't imagine this world without music. ) So I do what I really enjoy ) I like watching movies, listening to music, communicating with friends.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

olya is a true lady - elegant, intelligent, feminine, tender and tactful. She's very smart and amiable at the same time. She's like an angel that came to us from heaven! I think that her husband will be surrounded with all her love, care and tenderness. She is so charming, she has a golden heart and amazing beauty! This lady is very cheerful, positive and smiling. Very kind and caring girl who loves her family.

How would I describe myself

I am a romantic girl, sometimes I even think I might be born in the times of Romeo and Juliet:) I appreciate good attitude towards myself and actions as well. I can say that I am kind-hearted and caring person. My close friends say that I am a calm, open-minded, honest, reliable and responsible person. I am communicative, open and sincere. I am a very smart and educated young woman. I love Spirituality Practices. I am active and open minded. I have a big and compassionate heart and I want to give my love and tenderness to my dear and loving person someday.

My typical day

I like to go for a walk in order to keep fit, visit gym, go dancing. When I come home in the evening, I like to relax, to read some book, to do chores at home, to cook something tasty. Hope that you liked my typical day and it helped you to know a little bit about me! I do not use much make up, but still I always look neat and I care of myself. My day usually starts at 8 a. In the evening when I stay at home I prefer to watch movies or read books about self development. I also like to have dinner with my friends in some cozy cafe sometimes. My day starts early in the morning, because before work I do yoga exercises.

My future goals are

And all of those qualities are enclosed in delicate and feminine essence which longs for caring and loving man. I am a sincere and open person. What about my temper - I am not do spoiled and hot-tempered woman, but I am developing and I am the person for sure :) I can be very shy, but always honest. I can't offend any person.

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