Birth Date
24 / November / 1982
60 kg 119 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I have a mother, father and a sister. I want to meet a person with whom i will enjoy every minute together…about my family my father was the military man so we often moved from one place to another. I want to be the only one for my loving man and he will be the most important person in my life. I believe it is possible to fall in love with a soul. I want to meet a man who loves children and who will treat my son like his own child.

About my family

The type of man that I desire I think every lady wants to meet her man, who will be caring, kind, loving and will protect his wife and family. I adore people around me and ready for a true LOVE! I do not have any siblings, but instead, I have two cousins :) We are also very close. :-)Domestic abilities I am perfect at housekeeping! I have a family which everyone can dream about.

Domestic abilities

I do everything about the house. So I do all the domestic chores without any problems. When you do things together it brings you pleasure ))) Besides you can do everything quicker and there will be more time for romantic date -) That's why there are a lot of plants at home, that I water every day. )) Cook nice dishes, clean, sew, wash. I would like my husband to help me about house work and I'll do all possible to make cosy and warm atmosphere in our home. Another domestic ability I enjoy is cleaning. Also, when I have a good mood, I like to spoil myself with some tasty things. I do everything, that is considered as domestic abilities.

What I do in my leisure time?

Have you heard about this? All I need is a camera and comfortable shoes and of course positive mood to make good pictures. I also believe that sport is life! How is it about you? I like to visit sport events. I am active person - and I almost have no free time, life is time for doings and for spending it the best way - way you will never forget! I feel energy if I do something nice.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She tries to make the world brighter, happier and more full. Ekaterina is an intelligent and kind lady, she seems to radiate some special light which keeps the attentions while talking to her. This lady is very straight forward, she knows what she wants from life. She definitely illuminates positivity and of course her beauty and attractiveness will never make you feel indifferent. She has charming smile and very kind eyes. Julia is very open and sincere person. This lady is very straight forward, she knows what she wants from life.

How would I describe myself

I am definitely not a careerist who would be pursuing goals over heads of others. Singing is a part of my life. I’m kind, honest, responsible and very serious. I am a kindhearted, sincere and caring person. I like to motivate people. I am kind, honest, purposeful, confident, responsible, I am not afraid of any problems. I believe that the desire to be better with each day and things that you do to reach this goal is much more important, so I can say that I'm trying to be this better person. I have much energy inside my body.

My typical day

I spend almost a the whole day there. My work demands from me creative approach and much attention. Before asleep I watch TV, it is my lullaby. I wake up early, go jogging. I like to get up early. She also tries to make breakfast for us! I like enjoying tea. I also could spend my evenings with friends or family.

My future goals are

" I believe that relationship should be based on trust, love, friendship and partnership. In any company I feel myself good and very comfortable. Like every woman I like attention but I am very devoted too myself. I don't like any confrontation and I don't like to make things complicated.

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