Birth Date
24 / February / 1982
47 kg 102 lbs
The type of man that I desire

What i do in my leisure time? I will be happy to get to know much things from my beloved because i think the man is the leader and he must be cleverer and better for me :) I hope it is not too much and such a man possibly lives on earth. I need a man who is going to be my best partner in exploring the world, who will never make me feel bored. My leisure time i prefer to spend with my friends discovering new interesting places.

About my family

I'm very grateful to them that they are a wonderful example of happy and friendly relations and stood the test of time and distance. Our personal opinion of this Lady Tanusha is a very tender and cute lady. And I think she is the best exemplar for me. I grew up in a complete loving family. My typical day My day starts at 6 am.

Domestic abilities

When the atmosphere in your house is wonderful - you feel great. and to treat my family and friends. I adore cooking especially for my close people. I would like to learn as much as can)) Also, I like cleaning and like it when my house is clean and I do my best to make it warm and cozy. I know that I will be very happy to keep my house clean and tidy when I get married one day, but I hope that my future husband will not mind to help me with doing some chores sometimes. I am not afraid of any work. I like try new recepies and dishes and never stop make experiments in this sphere) I like flowers and pets! I like cooking very much. I like doing some work near the house outside, too.

What I do in my leisure time?

I enjoy active lifestyle. I prefer always have a good look and mood to make people around me happy) I try to enjoy every nice moment of my life and spend a lot of time with my family and friends. I am a single mother so I usually spend my free time with my son Dima. I may just jump into the car, turn on the music and drive singing. I like to move, I like sport and music so much. Sometimes a good movie evening can be amazing. Active tourism is an important part of my life.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Anastasia has an incredible ability to stay positive all the time. But after some time spent in her company you get a feeling of knowing her for ages. She is very serious about finding a good man for her and create family together. She takes a good care of herself and needs a man who will do this even better. She is a very talkative, open and cheerful lady! She is positive and is always able to help if someone needs that. This is a lady with deep mature thoughts.

How would I describe myself

I love massage a lot and I like to take care of my face and body. I am completely positive and smiling person. I do know the value of people's heart and try to never hurt people who are important for me! I am sure that I will never seem boring to my man, and I will never stop amazing him. I have a lot of energy inside and you can see it in my sparkling eyes! My dreams help me to make the first step for all great changes in my life. I consider myself as an active lady. I have learned playing guitar and now I enjoy playing it so greatly.

My typical day

Having such profession as plasterer, house painter and tiler, you don`t know when you will be free. Then I return home, clean the house, cook some supper and do homework with my daughter. Then I go to the gym, afterwards I do some domestic things at home and spend time with my daughter. Then I cook some healthy breakfast for my son and bring him to kindergarten. My working days differ much from my weekends. I love cooking and always feel happy to make something delicious for my family. I have breakfast very rarely and replace everything by a cup of very strong coffee. Every morning I begin with cold shower and exercises because I try to keep myself in good shape.

My future goals are

I am open-hearted and easy-going. All people say that I look like a teenager. On the weekend, after a good rest ( I do like to sleep a bit more on my days off ) you will not find me at home. I consider myself as a calm, kind, open and easy-going lady.

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