Birth Date
25 / January / 1995
62 kg 109 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Get a much better idea of the lady's personality! it's intriguing like finding an unknown world. I do not care if my future husband has a belly or not and what size his biceps is. When you see her your mood is becoming much better because she is so positive all the time and also she is serious in her desire to find a good man and create a family. I can let myself be lazy sometimes especially on weekend… i am honest and like the same people who keep their pledge.

About my family

My parents supported me when I decided to join this site and I was very thankful to them for that. It does not end always in success but still delicious. I can be busy either with some domestic abilities or spend my time practising some of the hobbies I am interested in. The family - is the most important thing in the life of every person. My family consists of three members: my mom, my dad and me.

Domestic abilities

My mother is my friend and I like to help her about the house. Since my childhood I was a little home girl! I wish you could try it one day and I'm sure you will like it a lot. When I have a day-off, I wear my home jeans shorts and start to put everything in order. I love to cook too and sometimes we swap chores. Also I like to invent new decoration for my home and from time to time I like to move furniture to new places. I can say I am good at all kinds of housework. I cook for my family, I like cooking healthy food) I am always glad to see guests in my house))

What I do in my leisure time?

This way I gain my self-fulfilment as a creative person. I like reading and I am fond of books that force me to think about life. I like picnics and BBQ. I can say that I am a very sociable person. Have you ever tried to put every new ingredient with baleful laughter? I am always there for my friends, I am ready to help them and be there when they need my help. And yes, I like good cars.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She likes to smile and talk about life and future. She is the kind of a lady whom the gentleman can feel himself the real man with. She is very serious in her intentions to find her second half and to create a family. she seems to be very serious in finding a soul mate. This lady is very energetic and sweet in communication. The girl is very confident and reliable. Extremely self-motivated person.

How would I describe myself

I`m a very positive person, who loves children, also I`m a woman who knows what she wants from life! To walk holding hands with my soul mate and to enjoy each moment)) I am a very outgoing, easy-to-move person, I am merry and goal oriented. I have good sense of humor also) I like to use my brains and I believe that woman can be beautiful and smart at the same time-) And you? I have always wanted to have a big, loving and friendly family. I am fond of life first of all and I know that any moment could be made as unforgettable, not ruining but creating things. I love to make people smile and feel welcomed)

My typical day

I wake up my son, and we talk and have breakfast together. If I get home from the late turn, and need to wake up early next day, my morning starts with watching my dreams with one eye open and trying not to pour coffee beside the cup:) I have very friendly relationships with my colleagues, so we often walk home together. -)) and with some of my numerous hobbies. I am going for a walk with my little "babies". And nothing is better a mom's meal. After breakfast and all the preparations, I take my daughter to the kindergarten and go to the work, and after spending around 8 hours there, I am in a hurry to take my treasure back home, cook the dinner together making mess in the kitchen and then watch her falling asleep in my arms :) After that I have some little time for myself to relax, read something nice or watch a movie. Ususally I have several trainings per day and such schedule allows me to have all necessary rest. That’s why I wake up very early, have some breakfast and go to the nearest coffee shop to get my favorite strong coffee.

My future goals are

It's funny that my child's game has become my great hobby. My Love, I miss you so much! I am very friendly person. I don`t like arguing.

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