Birth Date
13 / May / 1997
58 kg 127 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I like to be in a good fit but i also love to eat and to sleep very much! Our personal opinion of this lady this lady is very polite, well mannered and behaves as a real lady. I like orchids very much. I want to see the world and to get to know more about other cultures and traditions. You don't find such a woman in the world.

About my family

I think that trust is the man thing in relationships. My parents live in a small town not too far from Kharkov. She is a big optimist. I am very romantic girl and have kind heart! I want to meet the man who will become my best friend and the partner for this life.

Domestic abilities

Also usually I am washing the dishes at home. And I do really hope so. He will always be fed and happy! Home for me is a place where you can have a rest with your body, mind and soul. I like cleanness and order at home, when every thing has its place. I also take care of my little kitten, always feed it and would like to get more home pets. I do everything at home - cooking, cleaning, ironing anf other things. Ironing? I like to cook.

What I do in my leisure time?

I love spending time with my family and friends also, I think that people have to work a lot in modern life to achieve anything, so when we get a free moment we love spending it together. Usually they say, students have a lot of free time, but it is not about me, I am a teacher of English, I practice modeling, I play piano and I attend dancing classes. When I have an opportunity I go to the swimming pool or to the bath - house with my friends. I'm a woman and I need to blossom all day and all night long. I also have an unusual hobby - I like to collect flowers for a herbarium. I like to meet and communicate with my best friend or spend time with my nieces. Also, I like to be always in shape and after work I go to the gym.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

You will never think she is Russian, because she looks like a passionate spanish woman, ready to dance flamenco for you. The lady is a fascinating person with precious human qualities and life outlook. She's active, positive, and leaves only good impressions :) don't hesitate to meet such a unique lady! This lady is very gentle and tender. She is very pleasant to talk with, and she seems to be very polite with other people and well-mannered. Tanusha is a very tender and cute lady. Being vulnerable is to say "yes" in your heart, even though your mind insists on "no".

How would I describe myself

I know how to cherish what I have and to be grateful for everything that brings life to me! I should say that it is hard task to describe myself but I will do my best to do that. Also I am very kind and adore animals. I am romantic and I believe in true love. And now, when I look at all that I have written, I am thinking that probably you are already tired and bored to read that all. The only thing I would never be able to understand is a betray. I like to make people laugh and smile and I believe that positive emotions are very important in everyday life. I always try to be such a person and I adore to raise people's mood.

My typical day

My day begins with morning excercises. but I like when my day is full of events and things to do! After the University, I go to the fitness or to the gym to keep fit. Dance classes, gym, meetings with friends, warm evenings - the time of dreaming. We have very friendly staff so we celebrate holidays together, go to the countryside for picnics! At this moment I watch Game of Thrones and my friends start to be jealous because I used to spend evenings with them having a dinner and sharing girls’ secrets. After work I return home in order to cook dinner for my hungry children who get home from school. I enjoy being a mother, and I love my life the way it is.

My future goals are

I am an optimistic person. It is very important for me to realize that somebody needs me. But I am constantly trying to improve myself as a person. I am used to being alone and doing everything by myself, and I hope that one day I will meet a man with whom I could feel fragile and feminine.

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