Birth Date
1 / July / 1987
54 kg 133 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I am quite active person. I love them very much! I like when clothes is laundered and ironed, as good clothes open all doors. Maybe he is the same fond of sports and different activities. Tennis, surf casting, bike riding, playing, singing, and writing some poems.

About my family

I love to spend my time with them and I love them above all! This is my family. I also like to spend my time with parents and my elder brother. I grew up in a simple family, where my parents paid much attention to raising kids and and earning money. She seems to be intelligent and well-educated lady.

Domestic abilities

I can do all about the house and I know how to do it well. I like cooking, especially desserts-) and I am often asked to bake a pie or a cake, especially if we have a holiday or somebody`s birthday. I keep my flat clean and comfortable for its habitants and guests that come to visit. I live with my mother, so usually I do most of housework. I try to spend my free time with good. I like to take care of him and this also takes a great part of my day. We do everything together. The main thing is support and desire to help. I adore food experiments and try to make every meal delicious and good looking.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to visit my friends. During my spare time I like to visit different cities, as I like travels a lot, I like to enjoy the architecture of the cities and I like to visit the sights a lot. I can say that I pretty much enjoy anything the life can offer, I just miss the special man by my side to share the activities! It would be great. ):) I don`t think that I am alone but I feel I miss my soul mate to share all my life with this one very special person! I like cooking tasty dishes for my dear people. I can do a lot of different activities when I have free time.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Her personality is bright and interesting. She is interested in making family with a kind hearted, honest, strong and faithfull man. Very beautiful, very positive and very charming young lady. olena is a kind-hearted, intelligent and smiling lady. Maria is a unique lady! She is dreaming about strong family and small floristic business. You feel warmth and kindness in her look.

How would I describe myself

I adore going to spa. I am funny, outgoing, kind and caring person with a big heart! I'm a serious person who would love to give all my energy to someone special)) For me is important to have balanced and organised life. I am active and open minded. I am tender, caring and loving lady, I don't want to talk much about how good am I. I prefer to have picnics or watch movies.

My typical day

I do not have "typical" days )) Every day is so different for me now because I keep watching my girl to grow. I do grocery shopping and everything else that we need. :) I adore my job. because my work is my hobby:) In the evening I can meet with friends for a cup of coffee or I just can come home and have a rest in cosy sofa with book and cat:) everything is quite usual. I try to make it different all the time. At the first sight, my day looks very typical. After doing some sport, I have my breakfast and go to work, where I am till 6 pm.

My future goals are

And now, when I look at all that I have written, I am thinking that probably you are already tired and bored to read that all. I am a creative person. I am open and honest, loyal and straightforward, I am looking for my life-partner, hope to find Him here. I don't like lazy people who don't want to improve themselves .

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