Birth Date
23 / September / 1988
59 kg 106 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I have got used to get a lot of attention, but in my turn, i'm will give all my care and love to a person i trust! Discover her life and secrets no other men know :) Similar ladiesonline I would love to share common interests, common values, common goals! I am kind, tender lady.

About my family

Soulmate means a lot. This lady is very sincere, always says what she thinks and wants to find the man with the same quality. And I really hope that this site will make this special gift to me, an opportunity to find a good man). My family consists of 4 members: my mother, father, elder brother and me. I have a mother, father and a sister.

Domestic abilities

It makes the house cozy and comfortable :) This is bad for health, so I like keeping my apartment very neat and fresh. My room-mates are always ready to help me with doing that. I could cook it for you if you want. I hope that someday I will cook for my dear family. I can not say I am a genius chef, but I like to cook. I prefer fish and Russian dished like borshch or chanachy. But best of all I like to see my home beautiful and I have many flowers and plants in it! I like doing everything about my house.

What I do in my leisure time?

I prefer nice cosy cafes and restaurants with good cuisine and calm romantic music. :) I read a book or watch TV or gather my son's toys. I can say that there are lots of different things that I like to do in my leisure time. I adore comedies and other films which cause my interest. Everything I do - I do with love and with positive attitude to this world and to people around me. I adore riding a bike. Also I like to read interesting books, watch scientific movies or discovery channel.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is very charming, nice and positive young lady. Has and loves tattooes! She is very active, fit and sporty, as well as intelligent. This lady is very sophisticated, kind and gentle. Positive girl with charming smile and big sparkling eyes)) She wants to find a man who will protect and admire her at the same time! She is like the sun.

How would I describe myself

For me was a great experience. I can't imagine my life without creative work. I love life and truly value every single day and moment which I have. Sometimes I can be shy a little. I am young, motivated and talented lady. Maybe sometimes I can be a bit slowly and calm but I never do quick decisions! I like kids and animals and I really like to play with them :) I am sincere and open person, simple and true and I like to surround myself with same people.

My typical day

Every single day of my life is not like the previous one, all of them are really different. After working routine I try to find at least 30 minutes for cycling or dancing practice. :) If weather is good I enjoy spending time with friends. After work I meet with my friends) I like to sing, so it is common to see me at karaoke club) Coming home I cook tasty supper for my family and have free time for my own needs) Before going to bed I like to watch some interesting TV series. So usually I get up early in the morning (of course, if it is not my day off) and have my morning run along with exercises. (By the way, I appreciate this feature in others very much). We often go for a walk, visit interesting places together, read, watch movies or just talk. I get up rather early to start my morning with some exercises and a cup of strong coffee.

My future goals are

I am a sporty woman also. I love to learn new things in life and to create new things. The last book I have read, which is one of my favourite ones, has the name "Blue Ocean Strategy". I would call myself as a little strange one.

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