Birth Date
6 / May / 1992
56 kg 136 lbs
The type of man that I desire

My future goals are do you know much about Russian ladies? Our personal opinion of this lady ekaterina is an intelligent and kind lady, she seems to radiate some special light which keeps the attentions while talking to her. I know i will make him happy and i want to be the only one for him in the whole world) As for me, i prefer to spend my free time doing three things: spending time with my younger brother, pursuing my hobby which is cooking, or listening to music, in which i prefer classical music. A man treats women with respect.

About my family

I love my family and I feel their love to me. We enjoy doing lot of activities together, starting with running in the morning and ending with designing new cloth. My parents taught me a lot of good things in life and I am thankful to them for who I am. As I was the only child, my parents were caring and spent a lot of their time with me. My family is not big, but friendly.

Domestic abilities

But most of all I like to water flowers. I am fond of cooking and gladly take care of my animals. I have a lot of them, and it is a real joy to see them growing :) I have a cat which also needs care and treatment. I don`t like lazy people. At home I have plants and every day I take care of them) Other than that I think I am a good housekeeper. I even iron properly --) I do chores around the house regularly because I don't like dust. Maybe I'm a workaholic but household chores dont' scare me. It would be a big pleasure for me when my beloved comes home and sees his favourite dish on the table.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to meet with friends and I usually try to spend as much as I can time with them. From time to time I organize picnics with my best friends) On weekends I like to watch my favourite movies and to dance. And when I have free time it is a great opportunity for me to do what I like. I like cooking some interesting dishes, too, and looking for some old nice recipes. My dream is to live at least few days on the seaside and to be able to walk on the beach and let the ocean breeze clear my mind. I like very much active way of life, I like to travel very much, every-time try do discover something new) I like to read, I can not image my life without some interesting for me literature! I like always to keep a great physical shape.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This lady is very lovely and wants to find her husband as soon as possible. Like to spend time with her family and friends. Don't miss a chance to meet with her. She is a very positive girl, with kind and open heart. She has a kind heart and she is very serious in her intentions. She would be a perfect wife for her beloved and the best mother for her kids! She is a smiling good-looking girl and she definitely can make every man`s life brighter.

How would I describe myself

My friends say I am the sunshine. Hope, you will agree:) For me is important to have balanced and organised life. I will go till the end and I never give up. I hope it will not stop you from writing me and I hope you will see my seriousness through my young look --) I'm serious and trustworthy. Sport also helps me to stay fit) Of course now I have no time for that but I am sure that in future I will come back to sport. I am easy-going and do not like to make things complicated. I can say that I love to try something new in different areas like sports, food, places to see.

My typical day

After work I come home, usually do some cleaning, cooking, or the other things I need to do. I like to wake up early in order to be able to be in time everywhere:). In the evening I cook a dinner and have some rest. After the university I go to my work and in this step my day doesn't end. After that I have a lunch and after lunch I usually go home if I have other personal affairs. I find my work very interesting and that's why I do all my job responsibilities very well. :) Sometimes life may seem boring and routine, but in fact it is not like this since there are a lot of things to do and to enjoy. Then I go to the University for the lectures.

My future goals are

I like to win and I like to be the best. I want a man with whom I can follow a life path. I can say that sometimes I talk a lot but that is always what is important! I am self-sufficient woman.

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