Birth Date
22 / July / 1984
47 kg 121 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Domestic abilities it is not a problem to do everything about the house, but i hate to iron. He is intelligent, with a strong sense of humor. I like drinking coffee during lunch with milk chocolate bar. I like to take pictures of nature, animals and people. They taught me to be best friends with my brother and love him to the depths.

About my family

My elder brother is also very close to me, he and I are always ready to support each other, he has two great daughters, my lovely nieces and three grandchildren. but not in parents house where mom is the Queen. I am exactly such a woman and I am looking for a goal-oriented, honest and faithful man who is ready to give his heart and receive another one in return. My family consists of 4 people: my mother, my father, older brother and I. I have great sense of humor and I like to laugh a lot!

Domestic abilities

I know how to take care about my family! -) Of course, I usually keep my apartment clean and tidy. All my homework is to take care of my child. I always try to cook something special, something I've never tried before and I do it with love. So if my beloved has a desire to return after work to a cozy and warm house, to delicious dinner and to beloved lady- I will be happy to share all my life with only him! )) I am sure you will like my dishes -) I adore cooking and I love cooking for my family to spoil them with something delicious. I believe that every lady has a huge responsibility to make her home cozy and clean. -) Of course I don't forget to put my house in order.

What I do in my leisure time?

While I am at home I like to read classics. I adore cooking. I'm not into sport, but when I'm with my friends we play volley-ball on the beach or ride bikes in the nearest park :-). I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. Besides gym I like swimming in the pool and tennis. Of course it's time that I spend with my family and close friends, when I can discuss news, share my thoughts and wishes and just have fun with my loving people. I am very creative and interesting woman!

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Her smile is incredible and she reminded us a cat with her plasticity! The lady is very kind-hearted with a positive attitude on life. At the same time olya has an attractive appearance. It was impossible to resist her charms. She will make your days brighter! The lady is a treasure itself. Absolutely adorable lady.

How would I describe myself

My heart is open to help people, to support them. I like to take photos of my baking and to send them to friends, I invite them for a cup of hot tea in such a way. Sometimes I can be shy a little. I like to use my brains and I believe that woman can be beautiful and smart at the same time-) And you? I think that a man owes me nothing. I am open, sincere and maybe a little bit shy. So I am not like that. I am sure you will be impressed with my personality!

My typical day

There can be sunny or rainy and cloudy weather, everything can be covered with snow or blossoming flowers. After my work I can meet with my friends or stay at home and learn new things. I try not to lose any chance to visit concerts and exhibitions. In the morning I get up do all around the house, prepare breakfast and than go to work. I am an early bird, so, my every day begins at 6 am. I usually drink coffee at work, it is our tradition. I spend a lot of time on studying and teaching. Each day goes in a different way!

My future goals are

Moreover it is a competition and when you compete to someone it gives you an additional power to win. I dream to be happy and loved. I love to take pictures of people on beach or while surfing or it can be lifestyle videos. I am ordinary girl who wants to find love.

Separated man dating

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Separated man dating