Birth Date
4 / June / 1992
56 kg 131 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I like reading books on psychology. I hope i can cook some day for you and you will tell me what do you think :-)similar ladiesonline Domestic abilities i like doing everything around the house. Also i like cooking and i am fond of baking cakes and different pieshope one day i will be able to bake yummy cake for you too! This lady has a great sense of humor so that`s impossible to get bored with her.

About my family

I think its very important for every woman to become a mother and a wife. just recently I have bought some lavender plants and now they are living on my balcony (wonderful flavor :))My typical day Usually I wake up around 6 am. Read books, or do shopping for home). This lady is tender and easy going. Maybe that's why first time I have chosen wrong man who broken my heart.

Domestic abilities

His is mix of British and Scottish breed. I like to surprise my relatives with my culinary masterpieces. I like to buy nice things for home as my home is my fortress. I can do everything around the house but the most I enjoy looking after my plants and also to cook))) I am really a nice cook and I hope that soon you will be able to try my dishes)) I have a feeling that you will love them))) I am a creative person, but I do not like a mess at home. It's a pleasure for me to cook something new and exciting. I go for shopping with my grandpa and aunt. -) As you could admit I’m a person who likes to bring beauty in this world in every possible way :) I like to do all house chores.

What I do in my leisure time?

Usually I collect magnets and post cards. Unfortunately, right now I am only dreaming to grow roses and lilies in it which I really adore, they demand a lot of attention, but I believe my dream will come true one day. We like to go to the cinema, to the bowling club, to the circus or to the skating rink when it is winter. My free time I like to spend with people I love - my family and friends. Only our imagination helps us to wander in there. I also like sport and dancing. I like to play with my cat, to watch a nice movie, to listen to music or to read a good book.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This lady seems to me very mature and serious about her goals. Most importantly, she's eager to turn over a new page. Julia is very calm and pleasant person. I'm not sure if it is miracle or not. Elena impressed us with her bright appearance and kind character. Tender and feminine woman with soft voice and kind heart. Beautiful, cheerful and interesting lady who is trying to find her true love.

How would I describe myself

I prefer to live active and healthy life. I cherish individuality in every person because everybody has his pros and cons. I am social and humorous woman, I am confident about everything I do and my friends know they can always count on my help or advice. Well, what can I say? I enjoy every minute, every second:) My close people say I am talkative, helpful, responsible and sincere person. There should be a golden middle in everything. I'm a tender lady whose heart is open for serious relations. My Love, I miss you so much!

My typical day

But if it is a weekend. After my university I go to the fitness club. I have enough time after I come home and am full of ideas how to spend it interesting. My colleagues are very friendly, all of them are teachers and we have a lot of fun during our lunchtime. I like my work as I love kids very much. I am used to start my day early and I feel comfortable to be an early bird. I communicate with many people helping them to solve their problems at work. Sometimes I go to the gym, sometimes I do exercises at home, sometimes I go for a run in the park.

My future goals are

I love life and love to help people. I am looking for my life-partner and hope to find him here. Often nights I like to look at the sky and see sivering stars there, and I try to make simple things full of meanings. I like animals and children because I think that they cannot lie.

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