Birth Date
5 / December / 1988
57 kg 136 lbs
The type of man that I desire

My typical day i usually wake up quite early in the morning, because i need to prepare breakfast for my children and to take them to school. Lady about herself i want you to know that i cook well, have a good health, i keep my body in a good fit and control the way i look like, i like honesty, as i believe that better is a bitter truth than a sweet lie. My friends are even joking she is my daughter :) I want my man be kind, gentle, sincere and —Āaring. -One of other goals of mine is working as a lawyer.

About my family

I have wonderful relationships with my family, but especially with my aunt. I grew up in trust, love, mutual understanding and care. They taught me to value family! No doubt, I will be a good mother and caring wife. I like cooking very much.

Domestic abilities

It is a woman`s duty and pleasure :) I also do laundry. I also like cleaning, I like order and just it's more pleasant to stay at home in a good and cozy atmosphere. So I can do everything at home - cooking dishes, cleaning rooms. I am not fond of domestic abilities, I am concentrated on my self-development and emotional growing, and I always choose that instead of being a house keeper. I love cooking something special but most of all I am pleased when my close people taste and praise my dishes :) I like cleaning and keeping my apartment nice and cosy. My mom taught me to cook and to do everything about the house when I was a little girl. Cooking nice and delicious dishes is my passion and I can feel myself at the kitchen like goddess. If you are hungry- I will be the one to feed you and I bet your mouth will be watering while I'm cooking.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like nature, so if the weather is fine, I like walking in the parks, alongside the river- go to the mountains and admire the beautiful forests and nature. Also I like to participate in different beauty contests. We visit shopping centers together, concerts, we go to night clubs and cinema theaters together. I have a hobby. Also I am fond of sports, I go in for fitness and try to keep fit and healthy. There are a lot of interesting hobbies in my life and I love to learn more new things every day, so I am open for new adventures and will be happy to share hobbies of my beloved man too! I like traveling, exploring new and interesting places with my friends who can accompany me greatly.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Natalia is very easy going and down to earth person, it's easy to communicate with her - you have a feeling like you know her for years even if you just have met her :) Julia is a very kind and calm lady. She has a big heart and she will open it to the right man. She is a huge fan of cooking and dreams to have a big happy family in future. She is rident and kind-hearted. She would be a caring and loving wife. She is also very ambitious and goal-directed.

How would I describe myself

I want to meet my love and ready to make the right man happy. I am a very friendly woman, who is easy to talk to, and who finds pleasure even in little things, I always try to remain optimistic and cheerful enough to make the other people's lives better and put smiles on their faces:). There is a wild side of me,too, but I will reveal it only when I meet that special one. It's hard to say about myself :) I'm ordinary Russian girl who is looking for happiness and who is ready for serious relations, for marriage , for creating family. I want to find a man who also has his life moto and we will combine those two into one and will follow it hand by hand, step by step, kiss by kiss, year by year, eternity by eternity. I like to learn and enrich my outlook. I will go till the end and I never give up. About me I can say that I'm a simple individual, laid back and caring.

My typical day

Coming home after my work I make some chores around the house, make supper for us with my daughter and spend my time with my daughter or can dedicate some hours for myself. We always organize our leisure time in different way. I usually watch TV news before going to bed, after having dinner. But when I have free days I have my additional work which actually is my profession, I do different hairstyle. I try to go to bed around 22. I want to do everything in time and I am convinced that it is not possible to achieve your goals laying in bed only. It gives me energy for the rest of the day. Sure I don't forget about dancing :) Schedule of visiting my dance studio I change due to my work!

My future goals are

I am an adult woman. I am a very smart and educated young woman. That is the way I am) I don't like lazy people who don't want to improve themselves .

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