Birth Date
23 / June / 1995
61 kg 110 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I like when my flat is clean and tidy-also i like watching different tv shows about cooking, as i like trying some new recipes-when the weather isn't very good i like to stay at home and to listen to music! A family and family values should be in the first place for him. Right now it is a very good developing style of sport, which is very good for woman's body, but i am still thinking about that. As we are creating future together. I will do my best for this!

About my family

I was born in Poland, we moved to Kremenchug in 1992. I miss them too, but I have set a goal and there is no turning back. I live alone already cos I think that I should live on my own to get ready for family life. I want to meet the man who will become my best friend and the partner for this life. I like cooking, so it won't be a problem to become a wife, take care of my husband, our children, work about the house and garden.

Domestic abilities

I like cleaning, cooking, washing and all other things that can be done for my sweet home. ))) Here in Ukraine people say "My house is my castle" and I agree with these words, that is why I like to create comfort where I live. :) We clean our apartment together, I deal with the dust, windows and floor and he does the vacuum cleaning. But I like the most things connected with kitchen)) I enjoy cooking, I relax when I cook something or even when I wash the dishes) I like when my house is clean and neat, in my opinion house - it is like a face of it's owner, so cleanliness is very important for me :) Luckily, my kids are of great help. I think I am a good house keeper and I do cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking in the best way. I was raised in the family where my mother was working all the time. I have to know how to repair a chair, to hang a picture, to cook, to wash dishes, clean everything, care about my son, teach him what it means to be a true man. Also I like to work in the garden.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to be fit! Of course spending time with my friends is also awesome) Besides this I develop my career. I like to read a nice book and too listen to nice music, I enjoy long walks in the forest and on the riverside. I have a dream to swim with dolphins, to learn playing golf and to write short novel about love! I also have an unusual hobby - I like to collect flowers for a herbarium. As a creative person I like when my day is busy and full of events. I can say I am a really romantic lady who believes in LOVE!

Our personal opinion of this Lady

We think that this lady definitely deserves to find her second half in uadreams. She is truly an extraordinary case, with an exquisite sense of humor and charming smile. Yana is serious young lady, intelligent and well-educated. It was very interesting to communicate with yuliya. This lady is very beautiful, feminine, amiable, intelligent and extraordinary. This lady is very kind, cheerful, active, tender and passionate at the same time Valery is an interesting person, she is smiling and nice.

How would I describe myself

I'm a tender lady whose heart is open for serious relations. I am proudly restrained but passionate. I like good, honest and open people. Like any other person I have my ups and downs. ))) I like to help people in order they need my help, at least to support with good and kind words. Life is easier this way :-) I treat people with respect and always try to find only best traits in people. When I don’t have dancing classes, I meet my friends or go home and cook something delicious.

My typical day

We tell each other how we have spent our day. And it is pleasant part of my typical day! It helps me to be active the whole day. )) And after this I go to work. If I have dance lessons and aerobics, I go to and train. I also teach children German language. I like going to the river or in the forest because of the fresh air and it is very nice to spend time there. Friends often tell me that I will be a perfect wife for my future beloved husband.

My future goals are

Modesty is the sister of talent :) I'm not perfect and realize it, but I believe that I deserve a good man. I am a person of all-or-nothing thinking! But I don’t have a man, who will be able to do it with me. I dream to take pictures of my own family and future children for family archive.

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