Birth Date
10 / October / 1985
53 kg 119 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Can you combine all the features i am looking for in my man? My typical day in the morning i usually go in for sport. Watch this video for free There we talk about everything that has happen with us during the day, with my daughter having a dinner. i hope i will have a bigger garden soon-)my typical day i get up early, cook breakfast for me and my family and go to work.

About my family

I like to cook and clean the house . She easily finds common language with other people. I want to have an honest and family-oriented man. The rest of my day, in the evening, I spend for my favourite activities and having rest. At the same time she is intelligent and positive.

Domestic abilities

He is a funny hamster called Oggi. So be sure, our house will be clean and very cozy. My parents and I like having dinners, going for a picnic in nature or going to some event as a concert or a theater performance. I like to stay in a clean place - I am a woman and I should take care of my flat, so I like cleaning and I think women should be proud of their important role in the creation of comfort in the house. They are worth to try. I will support him in every decision and act. Healthy nutrition is very important, so I always try to find new recipes for delicious and nutritious meals! I love decorative and wild-flowers. It is not a problem for me at all.

What I do in my leisure time?

So I usually go outdoors for walking, cook new dishes, travel to see new places. go for a walk in the park or go to the store to buy a pair of new shoes with my friend. I'm active person and I go to the gym, to the pool to keep myself in good shape and fit. I also take up fitness, you know, I think every person should stay fit and sporty, so I do not have bad habits, and try to remain healthy in all the areas - physical and moral. I like to pass my leisure time both in active and passive way. :) I have many friends and I can say without any doubts that communication with them brings me a lot of pleasure. That’s why when I have a free minute I try to spend it together with my family.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She has unique soul and good heart. You will not feel bored with her. Angelina believes that it is possible to make this world better, without wars! Masha knows what she needs in her life. She can challenge everything to be happy. She is quite mature, always smiling, had a very positive attitude to life. Person whom you want to talk to again and again.

How would I describe myself

I like Orchids and roses. I prefer to cope with problems, rather than avoid them. I prefer books to movies because I can use my imagination to picture the events from a book. Hard worker, truth teller, I just love my life and count my blessings every day. I'm a family-oriented, so I'm looking for the serious relationships. I participate in different competitions and had good results. :) I think it is very important in any relationships! I like to motivate people.

My typical day

I spend most of my day there, and then go back home. I got used to wake up in the early morning and start it from the light breakfast. When the weather is fine I like to drink my tea on my balcony and to watch people passing by. Every day I live is different from the previous one! If the weather is good, I go for a walk with my friend. and can go for a walk with my friends or just stay at home and cook something delicious or enjoy my free time. Every evening I'm trying to make up a plan for the next day. I like to influence on their knowledge so I influence on their future.

My future goals are

It is not the way of the rest I like. As I've found from my painting, I have a big and sensual soul. I would like to find that unique feeling people need and desire most of all in their life. I am a strong woman who wants to be weak next to a loving man.

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