Birth Date
13 / October / 1994
50 kg 110 lbs
The type of man that I desire

it is important for my future husband to be truly in love with me and truly cherish and appreciate each other. I am family-oriented, loyal and faithful. It is my dream and effort from my open heart. As the years go by, i understood, that the outer world is not so important. It was impossible to resist her charms.

About my family

We are always on the same wave with him. Lady about herself I am fun, first of all, but also I am a real woman that is totally free to make what she wants and where she want to go in the life and in the world. I've decorated my home by myself. We are taught to face life issues and go through them keeping positive attitude. Also I like reading, it helps me to relax and forget about everyday troubles.

Domestic abilities

: ) Like any woman, I adore keeping my house clean and tidy. I like to cook! I love growing flowers! What I like most is cooking. Housewife in our family is me :) I live alone so I do everything by my self around the house! I like Italian, French and of course Russian cuisine. If you like order and cleanness, we will match easily) Of course, I will make the home of my future family the best place in the world.

What I do in my leisure time?

Meeting with my friends is important for me. If I am tired I like to read books or watch some nice movies. My leisure time I like to spend usefully. I am definitely a woman with the wide set of interests. I believe that we have to live life to the fullest and enjoy every day! I adore nature very much and I am that person who believes beauty will save the world! I like reading as well.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

If you are looking for a serious family oriented lady alena is a perfect match for you. This lady is pretty charismatic, charming and alluring. Svitlana is a very nice lady. Very beautiful, very positive and very charming young lady. A happy person who is trustworthy after 5 minutes talk to her. She is very positive and radiant personality. She is serious about the search of her beloved!

How would I describe myself

:) I enjoy every moment of my life and try to stay positive. So if you think I look like the lady of your dreams – write me a letter and let's try building our future together --) I should give myself compliments instead of telling myself negative messages. I like orchids and milk chocolate. I am young, motivated and talented lady. I am active, optimistic, kind, friendly, hard-working and tolerant person but I am also shy, self-critical and quiet. I never say a word if I don’t mean it and I believe that everything is possible if we really want it. I like to take photos of my baking and to send them to friends, I invite them for a cup of hot tea in such a way.

My typical day

All of my days are very busy, starting with cooking breakfast and taking my son to the kindergarten. They say "An early bird catches the worm". I do different home chores . Then I meet my friends or talk to my family on the phone. Go to the bath. And finally watch movies and craft something handmade. I go to work in the morning. I wake up early, make a cup of aroma and sweet coffee and help my daughter to get ready to school.

My future goals are

I am not afraid of difficulties and face them with smile. It is very important for me to realize that somebody needs me. I try to be always beautiful inside and outside -) I'm a sunshine, and my red hair is the hint which nature is giving to you -)

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