Birth Date
7 / May / 1983
48 kg 116 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Our family is very united and i appreciate a lot that my parents are always ready to support and understand me and each other. Very good interlocutor. What can be more interesting than traveling? i enjoy sport. I think that requiring something from a man is not honest when you don't require anything from yourself.

About my family

Speaking about my favourite things to do around the house. As he is very very small, I am always with him! I have been raised in a family with high family values. My parents give me a lot of care and warmth and traditions. It gives me energy for the whole day.

Domestic abilities

I think that for a couple it is important to put some priorities in domestic abilities, then everything will be all right! I have no pets, but I do love animals! As it is a place you want to come back after work or long trips, so, it is cozy and has a lovely atmosphere! I also like flowers )) So grow plants at home. I think I could be the best housewife because I do enjoy doing everything around my home! Also I like to keep my place clean. I like cleaning and do it often, so my house is never messy. Me and my daughter also like to cook something together very much. Such simple things like opening my curtains in the morning and closing them in the evening are something I really enjoy.

What I do in my leisure time?

I prefer national Russian dances because then I can feel the spirit of our traditions. A big pleasure for me is to pass the time with my relatives and friends. I adore sport, my free time I like to spend in fitness club. I like to keep my body in shape that’s why gym is my second home. One of my hobbies is drawing. It can be a trip to the mountains doing hiking, camping, that's very enjoyable and brings me a great pleasure. I devote much time to reading books on psychology and philosophy.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This lady is very committed, determined, caring, always optimistic and bright. Any man would be very happy to have her by his side in life! Shi is very active and romantic. The lady is very serious in her search, she is so beautiful and smart woman. She needs your love, support and understanding. This lady will be the best and the most devoted wife in the world It's pleasure to communicate with her, when she starts speaking with you.

How would I describe myself

I am sure that I will find that special man here very soon and will be the happiest lady in this world. I'm very kind and attentive. I have passion to cars, I am a driver myself and enjoy it very much. I like active rest. I believe that when I will find my soul-mate I will love him once and for a lifetime. I will share the last meal with a homeless person. :) Who knows! Are you looking for such a lady?

My typical day

In the evening, I go to dancing courses, or meet with friends) Then I should make a light breakfast and after my breakfast I go to work. Golden rule for "always late" person, so to say :) But if I have an easy week and go to bed in my normal time, you won't find more like-a-clock person! After work I go to a fitness. Every working day is almost the same. Then I am going to work and spending great time there. I suppose that day should be started with a good mood, that is why I start it with running and some physical activity, I like sport, and my job is directly connected with it, that is why I always should stay in a good form. I usually get up early.

My future goals are

I try to be always beautiful inside and outside -) Is it possible not to like sweets? I absolutely adore nature and animals. Still waiting for him.

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