Birth Date
5 / August / 1996
61 kg 132 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Though when i have some free hours i love to spend them with my daughter, walking somewhere in the park, playing with her, discovering something new with her. They did all that was possible to grow me up and i appreciate that a lot. Domestic abilities as i am a good girl i can do everything about my house. I love to take care about man! You will never see her being sad or quarrel, which makes her be a bright sun for people around.

About my family

They were always helping me in the difficult life situations. I live together with my mom at the moment. Always smiling, positive and active. I realize that every moment can be last in this life, so I try to take everything from it. I do have many interests: I am really a fan of theater - it is so amazing to dive deep into the world of art.

Domestic abilities

So for me it's very important. We try to respect each other. I like the smell of the clean linen a lot :) -) I think that even doing cleaning can be fun and enjoyable for two people, if they really love each other. It's very important to feed children with healthy food. But most of all I like to cook! I always take care of him. :) He is very smart but naughty. I can clean my house even every day.

What I do in my leisure time?

Also I love movies, so going to the cinema with my beloved one can be an ideal end of the day for me. When I have some free time I love reading, especially such Russian classics as Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. And I feel happy and never get bored with my hobby. And of course, I adore drinking aroma coffee in some beautiful place. I am a charming active and sociable lady --))) I am harmonious and romantic person. For me the biggest pleasure is to create new dishes. If the weather is fine, I adore going for a walk outside and breath fresh air.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is waiting for her only one man. She is very polite, a bit shy, seems a bit reserved, but quite confident- well-mannered. Kate is beautiful, even spectacular lady and so easy-going. Open and sincere and she has a kind heart. She is always trying to help others. She always has a plan and a goal in her life! Knows what she wants.

How would I describe myself

I know how to love, and I'm ready to share my feelings with someone special. When I have more free time, I like to ride a bicycle and to skate. I am a kind, cute, sensitive, romantic and tender girl. I am passionate. My motto is 'Never be sad, because life is too beautiful for wasting time for sadness! :) I think it is very important in any relationships! I am looking for my life-partner and hope to find him here. I love flowers.

My typical day

Sometimes we invite guests. I am very close with my mother and she is my best friend. In the morning right after breakfast I go to work, but in the evening, when I come home I prepare dinner and have some rest: watch an interesting film or just speak with my friends on the phone. I love to start my day with jogging. I try to go to bed around 22. I work till 4 pm, after it I take my youngest from kindergarten and we go home) I cook dinner, play with sons, we also can watch some cartoon or comedy and at 10 pm I read them some stories or fairy tales and they go to the bed and I have some time for myself) I can relax and dream about my future) I believe that if we dream a lot one day everything will come true. I like starting my day with favorite music and greetings to my family. As long as I get there, I consider a plan for the day.

My future goals are

I'm a serious person who would love to give all my energy to someone special)) I think it is better when somebody of your close relatives or friends tells about you. I am honest woman with an open heart, but my soul is still missing its other half. :) I enjoy every moment of my life and try to stay positive.

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