Birth Date
10 / August / 1991
56 kg 135 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I believe that friendship between a man and a woman is a great start of real love and really tender relationship. Domestic abilities it might sound strange, as a lot of people don't like doing it, but i like ironing. I'm an idealist, and i try to succeed in everything, but the most important for me is to become the best woman for my lovely man! She loves life and she loves people. I sincerely wish this man to find me here and we have many things in common.

About my family

My elder brother is also very close to me, he and I are always ready to support each other, he has two great daughters, my lovely nieces and three grandchildren. My family is my daughter) She is very kind and lovely child. We have family dinners every day and we like cooking something tasty all together. But I do not have only one thing - the man who will love me and whom I could give all my love. I think it is very important to gather together at the table and have a good conversation.

Domestic abilities

This relaxing process of mixing ingredients creates real magic. I think that if you have a clean and cozy home you will enjoy every minute that you spend there. ) I can do everything about the house because I am an independent person and it would be easy for me to live alone but sometimes I really want to feel that I am a tender lady who has her true man to protect her and to support during all ups and downs. I like washing dishes, hoovering, cleaning the bathroom. He helps me in cleaning his room, washing the dishes and watering the plants. I do all the work about the house by myself. I can do everything, but what I love doing is cooking! Also really I enjoy decorating my home and creating the feeling of warmth and coziness! Also I like to cook))

What I do in my leisure time?

My son goes in for karate and my daughter takes music and dance classes. I prefer classic performances, especially comedian, they make me laugh and always improve my mood. I like to knit- this my biggest hobby which helps me to relax and to use all my imagination to create something new and beautiful. Also I like listening to music especially classical and pop music. I like to read too. It always brings a lot of joy and it is so useful for my figure! I don't like "false" people.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

The lady is very attentive, carrying, kind-hearted and responsible. Very polite and punctual. Yuliya is a sincere, bright and cheerful young lady. This lady is very womanlike, sociable with very good character. Speaking about her outlook - she knows how to impress someone by looking great. Optimistic person with many interests and hobbies, at the same time serious and mature lady. We noticed that this lady was brought up in a good intelligent family.

How would I describe myself

I am a kind, reliable and understanding lady. I think all difficulties are temporary and we should take everything possible from our life. I'm easy-going and open for the communication. Also I love tennis. I am not a damned wretch who knows how to play with men’s hearts. I guess, I am a kind, honest, careful, joyful and intelligent person. I can say that I love to try something new in different areas like sports, food, places to see. I love flowers.

My typical day

Keeping myself fit brings me a lot of pleasure and I always get up a bit earlier in order to have time for myself. After that I spend time with my child and when all the things are done, I finally have a hot bath with bubbles. I usually get up at 6 a. After work I take my daughter off from school and we go home. I wake up quite early in order to be able to cope with all tasks for the day and to be able to dedicate time to those things that makes me happy:) I work at the hospital in the massage room. On weekends I do my home chores, shopping for food, meet with my family, friends. I prefer healthy food. Then goes work, quick lunch, taking my little one back home, and cooking again.

My future goals are

I am still young, but I feel that I am wise enough and I know what is really important in our life. I really believe that things will work out for me. Did I already persuade you? I am a great mother and an attractive woman.

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