Birth Date
22 / December / 1984
56 kg 121 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Also i am glad to go shopping to purchase everything i need for the house. he is a very cute little boy. man of my dream is very kind, and positive. What is the most important about her is that she knows how to give love and how to make her dear people happy. What i do in my leisure time?

About my family

Lady about herself What can I say, I like this life and I take all chances to learn more about the world. It is a small town, very nice, with sweet people living there. We have good relations between us, we support and help each other all the time and we all love spending a wonderful time gathering at the big table. I have strong relations with my mother- she always supports me. :) Sure, the family of my parents is an example for me in building my, based on respect and understanding, kindness and desire to share everything between both and joy, and sorrow.

Domestic abilities

Also I am good at cooking, cleaning and I don't like a mess. My mother says that I am a good cook and I adore to cook something incredible. I really enjoy creating comfort at home, there's nothing better for a happy family to live in then a cosy place. I like experiments with dishes. It has to be not just a building where all members of our family will gather . So, I can say that doing some work about the house always gives me pleasure. I like to cook something tasty for my dear ones and surprise them with some new dish. As long as I am going to become a caring mother and a good wife in the future, I like to do all the work about the house and different household chores. I like cleaning, cooking, washing and all other things that can be done for my sweet home.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to spend my leisure time and enjoy doing the things that bring me a lot of pleasure. Also I like sports very much, I am very active person and think every woman should keep fit and go in for sports. My free time I love to spend with my daughter. I love to cook something tasty, and to learn new things, I go in for sport, look after my plants. I like to make pictures and I am fond of the photography. The dog just licks unexpectedly his owner's hand, chafes with his shaggy muzzle, that the poor man could know that his friend will never leave him in need. It happens very rarely when I just sit at home and do nothing.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Marina cares about her son. A very optimistic and communicative lady who is always smiling and full of energy. )) She has such a positive vibe)))) she is very caring and good person and is waiting for a nice man to enter her life and she will definitely make him happy) you will never be sad with her and always happy))) and of course loved! This lady is sociable, kind, cheerful. ) We are sure that her man will be happy next to her because olya values family life a lot and is ready to put it on the first place in her life. Olya is a true lady - elegant, intelligent, feminine, tender and tactful. olya made a very good impression on everybody in the agency , she is open , nice and cheerful .

How would I describe myself

I enjoy listening to music and I like to play the piano. I am very cheerful and optimistic person. And it is your decision whom to be, the main hero who loves, falls, stands up, takes a risk and wins. I am not materialistic and I am not selfish at all. How can I describe myself? :) Also I would like to learn how to drive and have my own car in the future -) Maybe some day you will teach me! I like cooking and I keep healthy way of life. I dream to take pictures of my own family and future children for family archive.

My typical day

It gives me a chance to think and to realize how my life goes. My job is very hard as it is full of paper work. I don't take a car but walk to the gym and there I just give a good work out. Then I get my little beauty to sleep and devote time to myself. I run my own business so I wake up early, get ready for work, prepare my son for school, cook a breakfast and leave. Well, usually during the week days I am at work since 9 till 6 pm and that takes up almost all my time but in the evening I walk with my daughter in the park and just relax at home in the evening. I like to be fit that's why I go to callanetics from 9 am to 11 am. I get up early during the week.

My future goals are

It is not easy to make me sad, because I try to smile all of the time, I think of myself as of ambitious and a bit independent lady, but at the same time I am very feminine and caring, who wants to give all her love to only one person and be happy. I am never offended by people because I am used to analyze their actions. I am a very attractive and sensitive woman. One day I dream to see Italy!

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