Birth Date
14 / May / 1986
47 kg 102 lbs
The type of man that I desire

It is easier to do all together so he helps me with those things which are hard to do alone. I want to make a pillow battle, to dance together and to feel asleep hugging each other. Housewife in our family is me :) But not me. Every evening i cook their favourite stuff for supper.

About my family

I wish to get married once and never divorce. They grow vegetables and fruits. maybe to go to some dancing classes where we can practice together. There are only 4 of us. Domestic abilities There is no doubt that I love cooking, ironing and cleaning.

Domestic abilities

I think that my responsibilities are not too big, they are to go to market to buy the food for my family, clean the house, wash floors, cook a dinner and do laundry. The first thing is cooking. And I'll do everything to make him happy! I always like to do everything about my house. Awww, may be I will be too self confident, but I can do anything about house (women's work)), cooking, cleaning, washing) all stuff like this). I think that the house must be clean, and your soul and thoughts should be clean too. I also do laundry. So, I clean up quite often. I like to cook.

What I do in my leisure time?

I am a very family-oriented person and my family will always be the priority number one for me. I think that when I have a beloved man most of the time I would like to spend with him, and with the children in the future. I am open to something new in my life and it would be great to have someone to enjoy a good life and share our romantic evenings with each other. I am a student and all my leisure time I spend doing something with my friends as I live apart from my family. My friends are even joking she is my daughter :). So when I have free time I like to ride a bicycle, swim ( in the river, lake or swimming pool, depends on the season), I love bowling, and billiards. I like to stay active, that's why I go in for sports.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

And she is very communicative woman you won't be bored with that woman! It is interesting to have a conversation with her. Olga is sociable, active, reliable and charming as a real lady. Smiling and serious at the same time woman. She is easy going, talkative and friendly. She is a real treasure! Yuliya is calm and sensible lady.

How would I describe myself

I want to live my life fully and I will find any way for it with my man) I see all the beauty of world around me. About me I can say that I'm a simple individual, laid back and caring. I like to be adventurous and active lady in all my duties. Never! I'm ready to build a family and looking for a person who is wants to achieve the same goals as me and will make our dreams come true. I am a very cheerful, talkative and jolly person! I want to mention that I am very romantic and caring woman.

My typical day

My work starts at 9 am, I'm waiting for the customers to do various treatments such as massages, facials and body cleansers, masks and all kinds of beauty treatments. I used to start my day with doing some morning exercises. All day we spend together, eating,bathing, playing, reading:) In the evening we can go for a walk and than I meet with my friends for a cup of green tea:) After hectic day, reading a good book and watching romantic movie helps me to relax. After it I have a busy day and work till late night and when I am back from work I lay in bed and try to relax for few minutes. I like feeling that I am important to society. I spend evenings at home with a good comedy or cute cartoon. I hope one day I will be able to walk hand in hand with my other half :-) If the weather is bad then I just stay at home and read a book or watch some TV before I go to sleep.

My future goals are

I learn from all my life experiences, and hopefully, I grow wiser every day. I never stop learning and discovering new things. I think I am very loving and caring. I am not afraid of any problems.

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