Birth Date
19 / December / 1983
53 kg 129 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I have two great kids, they make my life happy. Her man will never regret this serious step. I love children very much! what i do in my leisure time? Hope that soon it will come true)my future goals are love is life!

About my family

I try to start my day with positive emotions and smile )). Despite my family is small, it's very friendly. Cooking dinner or making a post card with my own hands :) Simply things are always the best and memorable ) ))My future goals are Мммм. My sister and I understand each other very well.

Domestic abilities

It needs very careful care so it is my everyday responsibility. I keep my house tidy and cosy! Doing the laundry? And as you know, I love dancing, so I used to dance while I'm taking care of my flowers . :) I believe that the person makes the place beautiful! I know how to create a cozy and quiet atmosphere at home. But my one problem is cooking. it is the place where we will laugh, have fun, celebrate big and small events. In every dessert I put a piece of love.

What I do in my leisure time?

Also I like to spend my time reading, traveling, visiting theaters, cinema, museums, places to play bowling, nice cafes and restaurants able to cook healthy dishes, swimming-pools and beaches in summer. And of course, regular visits to my friends and family. My days are active all my life and, as the result, I like active rest. I like walking in parks, forest, gathering mushrooms and berries! In my leisure time I like to listen to music, swimming in the swimming-pool in winter time and in summer I like to swim in the river, I also like to play bowling, to take photos of nature and sightseeing and of course I like when somebody is taking photos of me. I am enjoying this feeling! I adore my free time because I have a great opportunity to meet with my friends and enjoy our time together!

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is a very serious and family-oriented woman. Kind, cheerful and well balanced. She is looking for a reliable partner to share her life with. This lady will catch your attention, you'll never get bored with her! Lesya is very wise young lady, and definitely knows what she wants from life. Very positive and energetic lady. She is very romantic person who believes in true endless love and she really wants to find the man who will make her happy.

How would I describe myself

I make a point of keeping my promises. I am very romantic, one man woman. I live in harmony with myself, I like adventures and traveling, it's easy for me to talk even with a stranger and I hope if you talk with me you see that I am a simple open woman. In my life I always prefer to give than to take and I'm ready to make a lot for my future relationship, so my man will be lucky with me! I am easy-going and polite, easy on a rise, and very active. Let's go with me? I hope to meet a man who will share the same dreams. I believe that the desire to be better with each day and things that you do to reach this goal is much more important, so I can say that I'm trying to be this better person.

My typical day

I like reading before bedtime or to watch a movie . Then I come back home, have a light dinner and the rest of the evening I usually spend with my little nephew, playing and watching cartoons. It is like jogging every morning. I also want to try Yoga. In the morning I usually go in for sport. Then he goes out and plays with his friends in the street while I am cleaning the apartment and doing the washing up. I look at mirror and smile wishing myself successful day. After work I like making a short stop in a coffee house on the way home, there is a place by the window where I like to sit and watch the streets being busy with people and cars.

My future goals are

:) I know who I am. Well, I am not an ordinary lady. I like smiling as I think a smile can make a day better even when it is raining day -) I am very active lady and I have a lot of activities, I adore communication and it makes my life more bright. Also I try to be organized all the time, because self-education and successful self-realization are impossible without considering the time of the day.

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Dating marriage and family during the renaissance