Birth Date
21 / May / 1996
54 kg 101 lbs
The type of man that I desire

love means for me not only a receiving, but also a giving. There are so many interesting places in the world and i really want to see them. I wake up and go to college. My mum works as a teacher, my dad is an engineer. I enjoy spending my time in the local park, going to the lake, to breathe fresh air outside.

About my family

I have not a big, but very friendly family. When it's my working day I get up early and hurry to the shopping center where I work. I have a lot of plants in my house too. She gave me direction in my life and made me the way I am now. Very friendly and she has a wonderful smile!

Domestic abilities

I was brought up with such ideas and I'll folow it up to the end of my life. My real passion is cooking, I can spend a great part of a day looking for a ways of preparing some interest exotic dishes, I like to please with my cooling talents everyone I can, and yet I never heard any bad word about this talent of mine. I am not very good at fixing something or opening cans. In Ukraine women are very hard-working, and they are great hostess, so I am! like women -) I like when my flowers are in blossom. I try to cook healthy food. Among all the responsibilities I prefer cooking the most, but in future I would like my man to help me sometimes. Here I can reveal my ability to fantasize and combine different ingredients which give unforgettable taste as the result. I like gardening as well, we have a lot of beautiful flowers in our yard in summer, I know how to take a good care of them.

What I do in my leisure time?

I also like to listen to music. I like creating cute beaded flowers and then present them to my relatives and friends. Would you like to join me? I try to help other people, I go to the orphans and spend time with kids there, I think that they need our love and care. I adore when everything at home is cozy and clean. My dream is to visit the European countries. I like to meet my friends, to relax at home watching movies or cooking tasty dishes :)

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is a laid-back person and with a great sense of humor. Her wise thoughts impressed all of us. Polina is very kind, nice, smiling and open- minded woman who wants to meet a good man in her life to create a family with him. Anna is a cheerful, pretty and serious lady who will make your days brighter despite of the weather outside). Marisha is easy-going and sincere and it is always a pleasure to talk to her. Ready to make a compromise and give pieces of advice! What is the most important about her is that she knows how to give love and how to make her dear people happy.

How would I describe myself

So I`m looking for a man who will support me always. I am romantic, optimistic, easy going. I love this life and try to get all the best from it, despite the fact that I completely realize that it consists of dark and light sides. So, I enjoy my life and do believe in the best for me. Any way I always do my best and know what i want from life. I am here because I am looking for a nice man who can change my life and make it even happier. I want to mention that I am very romantic and caring woman. Well, what can I say?

My typical day

I can't begin my day without a cup of coffee. I consider me to be a qualified specialist and I long to career development. When the night comes, I wear my soft pajamas and go to bed to see magnificent dreams. I love to listen to classical or romantic music. When I come back home I cook dinner and do my home task. then I take an invigorated shower and cook breakfast. I love my job. Sometimes pilates.

My future goals are

I like to take care of my family- I am a very devoted woman. I like volunteering and take part in charity events. I am tender person despite all the hobbies that I have. It's up to you.

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