Birth Date
10 / July / 1995
59 kg 112 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Our personal opinion of this lady lubov looks very nice and pretty, but inside she is a strong, wise woman who knows what she wants from life and what man to wait. We are a very nice and friendly family and we like to cook something tasty together on weekends. Everything is simple. i want a loving, reliable, loyal and cheerful man next to me, who is ready to create a family. We have that type of relationships, where there is no "parent-child" boarder.

About my family

Watch this video for FREE I like to learn new recipes and try to make them by myself. Since that time, I live with my mother. Before I started studying at the university, I was living with my grandparents and my mother in little village house with garden. At the moment I am living with my father, my daughter and my sister.

Domestic abilities

What I also like is cooking. That I can relax me at home. I have a lot of plants at home and I take care of them very well! Of course, it needs time to look after them, but later they will bring me delight and happiness. I like flowers and have many in pots at home. Among my favorite things is cooking :) I really adore making food, I like to find and to try something new and I really think, that every cuisine in this world is worth attention. I'm looking forward to that time, when i will be able to cook some dishes for my husband. I like to get plants and the flowers as presents and I like to take care of them :) As I have already mentioned I like cooking and everything that includes housework: cleaning, washing up.

What I do in my leisure time?

That's why I like to spend my free time actively! Though, to be honest, I like new family comedies, because many of them bring an impulse of positive energy, and unexpectedly open the topic of family values very well, plus they make me laugh and feel cheerful. I love to decorate and make my house so comfortable that sometimes it's even difficult to leave it and go to work -) But if I have a lot of energy I prefer to stay with my family and friends. We are very close and always have ideas how to spend our free time. It is something which always fills me with good thoughts and happiness. I enjoy spending time with my friends and have fun with them)) When I am at home I like to sit on my couch and read a book. Also I like cooking something tasty and to enjoy it with people I love!

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is clever and open for new life! Ivanna is a cheerful and a family oriented girl. Kind person with a great heart. Lady is wise, serious, smart and cheerful, she is very family-oriented and deserves to be happy. A very smart young lady, honest and balanced and has a big and loving heart. This lady is very attractive and sociable, optimistic and fun loving, tender and caring. Olya is such a positive person.

How would I describe myself

I got it earlier, but I lost it. I know that the moment we are given is the one we deserve and should accept it as it is. I go to the gym regularly and work hard to be fit and healthy:) I enjoy my life and I adore smiling. I think that everything that happens in this life happens with some purpose. I am kind, humorous, I am not afraid to be funny and even act silly at times. Life is a boomerang and everything will reciprocate. I am tender and kind, funny and serious, I love life and I want to find my soulmate to be completely happy together.

My typical day

Then I go to work and finish the day in the gym. My day usually begins very early, at 6. Whether it is my work day or day off it starts with morning exercising. Sometimes we can go to the cinema or coffee house, everything depends on the mood :) I always have something new coming up and always am busy with doing things. After the work I come back home. I'm at home somewhere at 6 pm, if I don't go to the gym. When I have my days off I go to the gym and help my family about the house.

My future goals are

My friends say that they love my sense of humor. Good strange. I am sure that I will never seem boring to my man, and I will never stop amazing him. I prefer to say truth over the lie.

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