Birth Date
22 / February / 1984
49 kg 115 lbs
The type of man that I desire

my future goals are i realize time flies so quickly and i have so many things to do in my life :) I try to add bright emotions to my life. I hope my man could make me smile and laugh, i like when man has sense of humor and can see positive things in any, even difficult, situation. I am curious and eager to get to know more about our fantastic world, so i like to travel. I will feel myself free and protected at the same time with such a person!

About my family

I have a sister, she is married and have a child. She is an easy-going person, positive. I appreciate life given to me and know how to be happy with it. My granny is a very wise woman. And travelling is my passion.

Domestic abilities

Then I can easily cook some delicacies, and enjoy the shiny atmosphere in the kitchen, and after supper I like to relax in my room, to sit down in my cosy sofa and watch TV or my life with my soulmate! It is very interesting as for me and there are so many different cultures all other the world with different cuisines and cooking traditions. I like to do home work)). I spend a very little time at home alone. I like to make fruits and vegetables I have grown in my yard canned. My son is doing his best with helping me around the house. :) Mom never let me do something. They all say my food is very tasty and I will win the man's heart by my cakes)). And you know as I have already said I love cooking so the best meal I cook is Russian borscht!

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to read so much, especially Russian and French classics. and I don`t want to waste my time-) I like to travel and to broaden my outlook and at the same time I'm trying to be better every day. I don't have much free time because of my work and care of my son but when I get free minute I like to relax and spend time outdoors with my family and friends. I don't know who are you but you are already a lucky one. I like sharing my time with friends. I am very positive, active and artistic. Of course I also like to go shopping and to buy some new clothes for myself.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Ira is a very nice and kind lady who dreams to meet a strong and loving man! She is wonderful and very tender. We can characterize her as a caring, tender and fetching girl with charming smile ))) We hope she will meet a worthy man here and he will appreciate all her positive features. We wish her to find her beloved soon. She seems to be a simple lady with simple needs and wishes for the future. Julia is very attractive person, she is open and sincere, she has very strong positive energy, she lights up the room when she comes in it.

How would I describe myself

My favorite color is yellow and that is not a coincidence, because the sun always comes after the darkness. The half of my life was connected with track and field athletics. I am a lovely tender flower, this flower needs love and care of its only man! I try to enjoy every moment of my life, because we live only once and there will be no chance of repeating the moment. I like to be elegant. I am a quiet person. I am honest and sincere and like to communicate with the same people. I can always listen to another person and help without expecting anything in return.

My typical day

I like accounting, numbers, documents, communication with people. and spend evening with husband. After that I take the shower and prepare breakfast. I usually watch TV or listen to music before going to bed. After that I come back home and have a rest. I wake up in a good mood and in a few minutes I'm ready for my morning cup of coffee. :) I do not like to stay on the same position, I like to develop myself, to learn new languages and to get new knowledge every day. And of course I used to meet with my friends if the weather is fine.

My future goals are

It's not difficult for me to find a common language with any person. My life is not easy but I never give up and believe in better! Some people think I am 18 when they meet me. My house is a place I like to keep neat and warm, it lacks only man’s presence.

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