Birth Date
11 / July / 1989
58 kg 132 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I feel i am ready for love and serious relations that will change my life! I am sure it is more important when you heart beats so fast when you see your soul mate. But i have two cousins, we spent all our childhood together and we still keep in touch. My life is continuous positive! my son goes to school and i give him all my love and attention.

About my family

They remain about our true feelings, and they don`t let us forget about our aims and goals. My family is my support and maintenance. There are always mutual understanding, mutual help, support and trust in my house. Feel as if it was your first date with this lady — it is worth 1000 pictures! I know for sure that the man who has the second part of my heart is living somewhere and also dreaming of me and my main goal is to find him and to make our hearts the one forever!

Domestic abilities

Keeping everything in order is very important for me. I am very good at it. I can honestly say that I am a good housekeeper and I enjoy doing everything in my home. I do everything that needs to get done around the home, and I keep it clean, however, if I don't feel like doing laundry, I won't force myself into doing it. I don't object against any work about the house including washing the floors and other things like this. I like to cook and to clean my house. But most of all I enjoy washing floor. It'll be a great pleasure to look after them. I live alone, so I do all domestic chores by myself:).

What I do in my leisure time?

I like going to the cinema, watch new movies. I am also find of playing video games and find this very interesting way to relax. I am extremely creative and artistic woman and enjoy creating something beautiful. Though when I have some free hours I love to spend them with my daughter, walking somewhere in the park, playing with her, discovering something new with her. And of course I spend most of my leisure time with my son! Life should be lived to the fullest and of course right now I miss a good man by my side to make each of my mornings brighter! I like to spend my time with friends, dancing, parties.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Her intentions to find her future husband are very serious. This lady knows for sure what life is and how to enjoy every day to the fullest. But is being vulnerable a bad trait? Never! We suppose that her search will not take a long time cause every man is dreaming to have such a woman next to himself in a role of girlfriend or wife. We wish her to find her beloved soon. If one day you see hundreds of the most beautiful butterflies, be sure she is there - in the same way light, flies above the ground and simple glimpse at her will make you smile and warm your heart. A young charming girl, who will be the best wife and mother ever!

How would I describe myself

I adore sport. I am sincere and open person, simple and true and I like to surround myself with same people. I am always optimistic and try to support my family and friends in every situation. I prefer to spend my free time with family and my friends. I think that my photos can not tell you a lot about myself, but meeting in person will tell you much more about me. I can be sometimes naive but honestly, I do not think that it is bad, just because I try to first see good things in the person and I try to know him/her and only then I make judgements. I am very open, communicative, might look shy and socially awkward at first though but friendly girl. But then I am very serious about my goals, people and things that I value in my life.

My typical day

It gives me energy for the whole day. Before sleeping I like to read something. I cook and he tastes, he does his home assingments and I check:) Such a friendly cooperation:) Would you like to be the part of it? They always touch my heart. I really enjoy cooking. It gives me the needed energy and strength for a working day. I was born in the village, so I used to get up early in the morning. On my days-off I like to go shopping after a refreshing cup of coffee.

My future goals are

I hope this does not scare you off:) LOL I know what loyalty is and how to love and be a good friend. I am open to getting to know new people and learning new ideas. My heart is open for love, such fragile and tender feeling. Therefore, I also think that I am also active and sociable person.

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