Birth Date
5 / February / 1986
55 kg 126 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Discover her life and secrets no other men know :) And father is an ideal example of the real man. But when i got child i think i began new, my own family, unfortunately will now it's still not full. I'm a student and i study hard, so, i hope to apply for a good position in future. but everything is not so bad!

About my family

She is musician. I love to spend time making something nice for them. And most of my free time I spend doing different kinds of sports. but not in parents house where mom is the Queen. She wants to love and to make beloved person happy.

Domestic abilities

I love doing everything about my house, I adore cooking and cleaning. In my flat all things have their own places)) It is more than household chores for me I can even say that this is my hobby. I like to keep everything in order, so I spend several hours cleaning my house, because I think that the clean and cozy home says that there's an attentive and thrifty housewife in it. I like watching TV sometimes. The most pleasant things for me from all domestic chores are cooking, cleaning and decorating my apartment. I like to cook and clean. :) Usually I do my household chores twice a week. I can say that I do everything about house, but those chores are not the ones that bring me pleasure. I am good at cooking, as I like to spoil myself with tasty dishes.

What I do in my leisure time?

They say I'm a hospitable person, because I like companies and often invite interesting people to my house, and of course I don't forget to pay visits to my dear friends. For me its great time, when I can relax, listen the music and dream. To be honest I feel lack of time to have a rest as the main part of my time I dedicate to my job to be able to bring up my son. Maybe it sounds strange but I really like hunting and fishing. :) But my son and friends help me with that so far until I find a partner I could love and live all my life with. That is why I do my best to avoid it :) And when I have time I can devote to myself, I would spend it for sport. I like to spend time at home, especially when the weather isn't good - I watch TV and I listen to the music.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

very nice and open lady. The lady likes to smile and to help other people. This lady is very feminine and tender, she is family-oriented and ready for creating serious relationship with a decent man. The lady is just charming because she is very feminine - she has a nice smile, very bright shining eyes and very seductive lips that attract attention- she is well-mannered, polite and interesting to talk to. Nata is a very nice and communicative lady. She is strongly intended to find her partner in the closest future. Galina is beautiful, educated and charismatic person, she has a kind smile and she is very calm and polite.

How would I describe myself

In case I am sure in my man, I want to be only with him, to give him everything I have. I am very friendly person. I am an optimistic person. I like to laugh and joke, although I do not know many jokes. I believe in one woman man and vice versa. I am a kindhearted, sincere and caring person. Like an average person I have my own pros and cons but I believe that these things don't determine a person. I am a very communicative person, I am also a good friend and a good listener.

My typical day

My day is usually full of events, as I like communication with different people, and I always get to know something new, I always like to improve my skills and to make friends. I enjoy watching TV in the evening. Then I go to the gym, afterwards I do some domestic things at home and spend time with my daughter. I prepare breakfast for me and my daughter. I practise writing some short articles on different issues. Even simple cuddles would make me feel very happy. 30 AM and lasts till 5 PM. My working day is not special, I wake up and go for a walk with my dog and then going to work.

My future goals are

If I do something I do it as good as I can! Just make this step and you will see. That’s why I like meeting new people. I am like a sparkle, so be ready to put out my ardor))) LOL Are you intrigued?

21 year old woman dating 35 year old man

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21 year old woman dating 35 year old man