Birth Date
10 / March / 1992
51 kg 130 lbs
The type of man that I desire

While i am drinking coffee, my dogs waits for me near the door for a morning jog. And you will never be bored with me:) And i hope that in future i will spend my free time not with one man but with two. The most important for me is to find my soul-mate. Is it you?

About my family

My home is my castle. That was the greatest loss in my life. Every day is a gift, every smile is a miracle! We always have good time together! My father is the most positive person I have ever met, he is the source of jokes and funny stories.

Domestic abilities

I would really love to cook something special for my husband every day! I think you will never guess what are my favourite errands about the house. I like to invite my friends to try my dishes. :) Mom never let me do something. ))) From my very childhood she hasn't ever forced me to do anything about house. I like to breath fresh air. I am very artistic in this and like to try new recipes, decorate my dishes. I like doing anything at home! I like to keep my residential yard clean and tidy, to plant flowers and to decorate the area around my house.

What I do in my leisure time?

Some of them I know from my childhood and they are my dearest people. I love dancing. And I have found for myself a new hobby - massage. I like adventures and new impressions. Also I love being in the open air. Maybe it sounds strange, but I have quite untypical profession for a woman - theoretical physicist. Also I can knit.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

svetlana is a very open and sincere woman. She is kind, smart, beautiful and amazing woman. ) She is enough mature and she knows what she wants in life. She is full of positive energy and open to life and people. She is worth the best partner for love and discoveries of this beautiful world. She is very sweet and educated lady. Polina is a nice mother and her kids always look cute and happy.

How would I describe myself

I am sure that I will never seem boring to my man, and I will never stop amazing him. I'm friendly, optimistic, bright woman and I am always ready to help. When I was told I would need to tell about myself I didn't know what to say, so I spent a while sitting with a blank slate looking outside the window, but then all of a sudden I started writing. I am very positive and active person. I like reading books. So I will make this one short - I am a lady looking for love. Also I go in for sport, I participate in competitions in bench pressing. The lady who believes in romance, the lady who believes in passion.

My typical day

I can read book, watch TV or meet with my friends. My younger son likes tales very much and I tell him the one of his favourite tales before going to bed. I'm a student, so, every my I wake up in the morning, have my tasty breakfast and go to the University)) After that I go home and do my tasks) Than I help my mother to cook and to do everything about the house. -) Also, my hair demands a lot of care and attention every morning, but it is not a problem for me! Also 3 times a week I work as a physical trainer with kids from basketball team. At the evening I could walk or just stay alone and think about my destination. On Sunday I sometimes work and then rest. Then I make a breakfast for myself and go to work.

My future goals are

I'm open to new things, new adventures. I believe in one woman man and vice versa. I'm looking for a life partner, a nice man who will share my views and who is pursuing defiite goals in life. Do you agree with these statements?

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